Breakthrough Cruise with Lisa A. Romano 2018

In April of 2018, I will be hosting my Annual Breakthrough Cruise Event.

This event is for anyone who wishes to share their time with like-minded others, who understand and speak their emotional language. So often, abused adult children walk through life feeling invisible, misunderstood, alone, and unheard. Because we have been born to environments that thwart our ability to fall in love with the self, we truly do not know we are lovable, worthy, or enough. For this reason, it is beneficial for us to gather with those who understand our journey and who can validate our experiences. When people who are on the healing path come together, magic happens. I

In every one of my live events, I can say that I believe miracles took place. Perhaps a heart was soothed or a faulty perception of one's self was corrected. Perhaps trust and the hope of friendship blossomed in the heart of someone who swore they could never trust another again. When like-minded people come together energy is...

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