May 24, 2018

Why Are We Here?

by Lisa A. Romano

consciousness expansive healing pain suffering

On the road to recovery, many of us undoubtedly end up asking ourselves, "What's this all about anyway? Why the hell have I been born? Why the heck is there so much human suffering? I mean, what's the point of being born?"

As I began to become more aware of what was really happening in my life and I understood that for many years I was simply asleep, I found myself recycling back to the question, "Why are we all here?" It seemed the more conscious I became the more deeply I needed to understand the divine purpose for human creation at it's core.

Eventually I came to understand that human life is about evolution, but not the kind of evolution that includes growing an extra finger to help us be able to type more quickly on our laptops or smart phones. I am talking about the evolution of consciousness that includes a human beings ability to overcome their own human suffering that allows them to ascend to higher states of divinity while still having consciousness be embodied in the physical body.

Imagine that Dear Ones? Life is about learning how to stop running away from our emotional pain so that we can learn to take Mastery over all that might impact us externally, so that we can maintain equanimity internally. Yes, it is true. Human beings do not have to die to escape their pain bodies, thank you Eckart Tolle for that description for the visceral pain that is stored within our ethereal bodies.

To understand human suffering, we must first understand it is VALID and REAL and even APPROPRIATE. If you are the wounded adult child who has been given up for adoption, placed in foster home after foster home, or if you are the child who was raised by a sexually abusive, alcoholic mother, who devalued and violated you on every level, or if you are a child who was abused by inaction, and were ignored or treated with indifference as a child, your suffering is APPROPRIATE! That's right, your emotions are valid and ascending to a higher state of consciousness will include you learning how to accept, love, embrace, and honor your suffering, rather than be angry, ashamed, or feel disappointed that you have such pain stored in your ethereal being (the invisible, magical, visceral you--that has the ability to keep a record of emotional trauma).

We have been born to learn how to connect with the power within us that can allow for us to gain Mastery over all that is happening around us, as well as what has happened to us in our pasts. We have been born to awaken to the truth, that we are enough and to the idea that it is possible to awaken and be born again of a new mind.

It is possible to ascend to higher states of consciousness and to connect with our own I Am divinity, but not without learning how to embrace the innocent lower, personality, ego-self, as well as all the stored emotional experiences along the way.

You have come not to create who you are, but instead to remember who you really are and to begin aligning yourself with the truth of you, that has always been. You have come to create heaven on earth Dear One.