Break Free From Your Past

Stop Living For Others and Start Living Life For Yourself in Just 12 Weeks

Join me in my 12 Week Breakthrough Coachingâ„  Program, designed to help
 wounded adult children from dysfunctional childhood homes overcome the
 trauma caused by emotional abandonment and rejection. 

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It's time to come home to the divine self.

Do you struggle with feeling your feelings, speaking your truth, and living life on your own terms?

And are you ready to heal the faulty beliefs negative childhood experiences created?

If you answered yes, then this program is for you. 

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Because of The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, I am such a better mother! My children will feel seen, heard, loved, and wanted and NO they won't need other people's approval to feel good about themselves!"

- Elizabeth Markus

"Since day one of this program, my life has changed for the better. I have read self-help books for 30 years, including a course in miracles twice, but this program is the only one I've experienced that is really transforming my life deeply, all the way to the root of the problem. 

- Mindy Dikeman

Do You Feel Stuck?

You will learn powerful techniques for healing your inner child, reprogramming your subconscious mind, and creating healthy relationships with yourself and others.  

Master the 1-2-3 Process, emotional regulation, and self compassion. 

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Do You Need to Get Unstuck?

As a child, you may have learned to survive by ignoring your emotions. Today, you feel stuck and unsure of what you feel or if what you feel is right. You may even feel like your feelings are wrong. Codependency perpetuates the cycle of self-abandonment. The good news is, we can correct that!

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Do You Want to Break the Silence?

Emotional abandonment trains a child into silence. As adults, we discover we are frustrated and secretly angry by what feels like invisible chains. More than anything we want to UNLEASH our AUTHENTIC SELF even if that means risking others' disapproval. This course can teach you how to tolerate risking the approval of others!

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Healing Unfinished Business

Parental neglect leads to self-abandonment, codependency, depression, low self worth, shame, and unworthiness. What we leave unhealed from childhood we are doomed to repeat in our adult lives. 

Break free from the chains of the past in 12 Weeks or less with this inner transformation blueprint.

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Healing the Adult Child

"Healing the inner child's pain is not a matter of dragging up the past. It is a matter of being present with and compassionate toward the child who still lives with you."

Thich Nhat Hanh

 Learn to embrace your truth, heal your shame, and honor your needs!

Have you suffered Narcissistic Abuse?

Do you take care of OTHERS at the expense of yourself?

Do you FEAR abandonment and rejection?

 Were your parents ALCOHOLICS or NARCISSISTIC?

Do you feel like a DOORMAT?

"Abandonment is the most devastating form of emotional trauma."

Gabor Mate, renowned physician, and author. 

What Will You Get Out of This Program? 

Heal Emotional Starvation   *   Overcome the Fear of Rejection   *   Heal Codependency  *   

Develop Emotional Self Regulation   *   Honor Your Truth *   Heal and Integrate with Your Inner Child *   Learn to Put Yourself First


What Will You Get Out of This Program? 

  • Become Immune to Criticism
  • Eradicate the Fear of Rejection
  • Crush Crippling Self Doubt
  • Conquer Cognitive Dissonance
  • Develop Emotional Self Regulation
  • Override the Survival Brain
  • Set BIG Goals

This 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency Recovery Program helps you learn to stop abandoning yourself for the sake of others while you learn how to honor your emotions, set boundaries, and finally speak your truth.

- Hear from what others have to say. 


Introducing Lisa A. Romano's

The 12-Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

12 Weeks - 3 Modules - 1 Hour a Day

Module One Weeks 1-4 -- The Awakening Phase

This module is designed to help you uncover the emotions, beliefs, and experiences buried in the subconscious mind that keep you stuck in loops of dysfunctional patterns of behavior.  In this module, I teach you the importance of learning to experience the experiences you were denied the right to experience when you were in a hypnotic theta brainwave state between the ages of 0-7. 

Module Two Weeks 5-8 -- The Accountability Phase 

This module is designed to teach you my most proven techniques for developing mental strength and clarity, so you can learn to set boundaries, identify what you can and cannot control, and observe your emotions rather than react to them.  I strive to weave in the power of scientifically-backed research with spiritual, as well as, psychological concepts to offer you a whole-based approach to healing from codependency. We are all spiritual, psychological, and neurological beings after all. 

Module Three Weeks 9-12 -- The Ascension Phase 

This module was designed to help you tap into your personal power. Ego keeps us stuck, living below the veil of consciousness, repeating the past while avoiding painful emotions. The Ascension Module has been carefully crafted to help you shift into higher states of consciousness, and expand your awareness of Self. These four weeks are dedicated to teaching you the art of living consciously rather than reactively so you can finally begin focusing on what you DO want rather than what you DON'T want.  With these new tools, you are now equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to live above the veil of consciousness, crafting your life purposely! No more living a reactive life!

Every Week You Will Receive...

Video Training

Specifically designed for each layer of your healing and learning journey. These videos offer a step-by-step approach that builds off of each prior week.

Guided  Meditations

These meditations are recorded with brainwave frequency technology and help to access faulty beliefs at the theta brainwave level.

Meditations Transcripts

All meditations included within the program have also been transcribed, edited and available for you to download, print and read also.

Journaling Exercises

These writing exercises are designed to help you dive deep into the subconscious mind with sentence completion work and self-inquiring questions.


Download the highlights from the weekly videos in these handy printouts, beautifully designed and ready to be added to a binder. Use them during the week to stay on track.

Homework Assignments

The brain learns best when the body and the mind are involved in healing and learning. These homework assignments reinforce what you are learning on your healing journey. 

Bonus Worksheets

Throughout this course, you will receive worksheets to help you better understand the many facets of codependency recovery. These are downloadable print outs.

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