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"Thank you and I love doing this program! It is so clear and understandable and so enjoyable!" - Cheryl


Do you feel invisible?  Do you struggle with setting boundaries?

Do you worry more about what other people think about you than what you think about you?

Do you tend to attract narcissists and toxic people into your life?

Codependency has been described as a loss of self. It is an identity issue that causes behavioral problems that eventually manifest in our relationships. If you are codependent, you tend to attract narcissistic partners and friends. You attract people who violate your boundaries. You attach yourself to romantic partners you hardly know and tend to idealize others without proof they are actually good people. You find it difficult to stand up for yourself. You don’t know how you feel or how to feel. You may even feel like you don’t know who you are. If you are codependent, even if you feel like you are in the wrong relationship, you struggle to get out and often make excuses for your partner’s poor behavior simply because you do not know how to honor how you feel, or how to follow through with boundaries.

Guess what? - None of this is your fault and there is a way out!

The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

Codependent people take care of others at the expense of themselves. They are people who have been conditioned to abandon the self and to focus all of their attention on the needs of others. This helps to avoid painful feelings of unworthiness that feeling abandoned in childhood has created, and it also makes a codependent person a prime target for predatory type personalities like narcissists. When you are codependent, your subconscious mind has been corrupted by negative childhood experiences. Shame, guilt and feelings of unworthiness are at the root of the compulsion to ignore the self and focus on others.

When my psychotherapist diagnosed me with Codependency, I was as confused as I was excited. FINALLY there was a name for the mental, emotional and spiritual chaos I had been feeling. Learning about Codependency helped me understand it was not me — it was just my programming.

I realized that I had been literally programmed to deny myself and to worry more about what others thought about me than what I thought about me. No wonder my life and body were falling apart!

The program you are about to embark upon is the roadmap I created OUT OF THE SWAMP that is the codependent mindset. It took me many years to finally accept just how screwy my thinking was before I could put together a program like this. I believe because I had to go through the fire to learn what I needed to learn, I can speak with authority as to what it takes to overcome codependency. What I teach, I learned the good old fashioned way; by going through the pain to overcome the pain. It is an honor to help you undo the past, honor your inner child’s past experiences, learn to validate your emotions, honor those emotions, set boundaries and create a life of purpose! YES, it is possible to end narcissistic relationships, feel your feelings, process old emotions, and learn to honor how you feel!

I learned that in order to heal from codependency, I had to understand my past. To do this, I also needed to learn to accept, validate, and surrender to unprocessed emotions. This meant, I had to come out of denial and learn to focus on myself, which is exactly what I was programmed NOT to do as a child.

Imagine this...

Imagine learning to STOP focusing on others and learning to focus on YOURSELF.

Imagine learning to OVERRIDE the fear response so you can make decisions that are in alignment with your highest purpose rather than being swamped with guilt and shame.

Imagine being able to KNOW HOW YOU FEEL so you can make decisions that help move you out of narcissistic codependent relationships and into more loving, balanced, nurturing relationships.

Imagine learning HOW TO RECONNECT with your lost inner child and honoring past experiences you may have been conditioned to deny or ignore.

Imagine NOT HAVING to search for information about codependency and how to understand it and recover from it because everything you need is in one spot in a step by step online program!

Imagine FINALLY unlocking the mystery of YOU and learning to know precisely HOW TO NO LONGER BE or ACT of FEEL codependent any longer!

Imagine learning HOW TO say NO and mean it!

Get Instant Access to the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program


What Makes the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program so Special?

When I first began to realize that my codependency patterns were subconscious, no matter how hard I tried, I could not change my thought patterns. I wondered how I could best address the faulty negative messages that lurked in my subconscious mind and began using meditation as a way to slow down my mind AND change my programming. Eventually I created my own healing meditations to help me address the faulty self sabotaging beliefs that were keeping me stuck below the veil of consciousness. I also understood that journaling and using sentence completion work would also help me reprogram my brain in ways trying to simply change a thought never could. 

This program appreciates that what is wrong is not you — it’s only your programming and offering your mind and even your brain, various ways to address faulty programming increases your chances for long term success!

The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program includes healing meditations you can use to slow down your mind,  catch negative thoughts, and undo the beliefs that no longer serve you all while soothing you out of reactivity and into a more receptive and healing state of mind and body.

Meet Lisa A. Romano

My name is Lisa A. Romano. I am a Certified Life Coach and a bestselling Author of seven books. Recently I was voted the #1 Most Influential Person by Digital Journal and I am often an invited expert on various radio shows and summits. I am also a YouTube Vlogger and one of the most listened to meditation teachers on Insight Timer. Just when I believed my life was falling apart, it was actually falling together. As a young wife and mother of three children, as my marriage disintegrated, I wondered how I would ever recover from depression and anxiety. After spending time researching and in psychotherapy, I came to understand that everything that I believed about my life and my worth as a person was essentially a lie. I was never not good enough, and I never needed to obsess about others just to feel good about myself, however, my subconscious mind did not know that.

Since learning about codependency, subconscious programming, quantum mechanics, and the way the mind processes information before the age of seven, I have dedicated my life to helping emotionally neglected adult children understand the power of reprogramming their codependent mind.

Helping YOU undo the past, end generational trauma, and break the cycle of codependency in your life gets me excited! Codependency recovery is a journey that will evolve your mind, spirit, body and life!

As you heal, you literally help heal the world. What you eventually come to learn is, you were never not enough and the only thing you ever really needed was to believe you were worthy of being loved. Undoing the past, healing codependent, subconscious beliefs, learning to feel and honor our feelings so we can make choices that are in alignment with what we desire, that is the tricky part.

This Program Will Help You...

1. Understand and heal early childhood abandonment and rejection that may be repeating in your adult relationships.

2. Reconnect with your innocent inner child so you can learn to integrate and assimilate the past rather than live repeating patterns of abandonment in your adult relationships

3. Acknowledge the power of breaking patterns, raising your consciousness and honoring your needs.

4. Learn how to love yourself, break codependent patterns and live a more real and authentic life.

5. Reclaim your personal power and stop settling for crumbs.

6. Reprogram your subconscious mind for success, self love, emotional freedom and experience the integration of mind, body and soul.

7. Find, honor and love your truest and most divine self!

8. Heal your inner child, end codependent patterns, and set your life on a course that is in alignment with your truest potential.

9. Manifest more peaceful, abundant, and loving relationships, beginning with the most important relationship between you and you!

10. Stop attracting narcissistic others into your life!

You are more than a psychological being that has been impacted by your childhood environment. You are also a nonphysical, vibrational and spiritual being as well. Your brain has certain default settings that respond to environmental experiences that create emotional responses that ultimately help create beliefs. These beliefs can be beneficial or disastrous. Taking the time to understand yourself from a holistic vantage point helps you finally put all the pieces of the puzzle that is you together!

It was never you that was wrong — it was only your programming!

Three Modules over 12 Weeks — Step by Step Program

Learning to live ABOVE the veil of consciousness.

This program is a step by step blueprint up and out of the codependent mind. The program is founded upon the science of learning. Human beings learn best when they are presented with life changing information over time. New information should be easily digestible and presented through metaphors to create the best chances of  having new information STICK! If you’ve watched me on YouTube, you know I love metaphors and it turns out, the brain loves them too. When  you register for this class, lessons are offered to you once a week. This is done to ensure you are not overwhelmed and take the time you need to address the resources and materials.

This program layers lessons as each new lesson builds off of information learned in the week before. Because lessons are delivered once a week,  you have an entire seven days to review each lesson, meditate, journal and work on homework.

If you’ve been waiting for the excuse to commit to YOUR personal growth, this is it!

Blending Science, Psychology, Spirituality and Quantum Understandings to help you better know, understand, appreciate, respect, honor and LOVE yourself.

Until you  awaken, the mind has no choice but to repeat the past. When you  embark on the Healing Codependency Journey, you learn what it means to live a CONSCIOUS LIFE.

All of us have the free will to live above or below the veil of consciousness!

Plan on dedicating one hour to yourself each day to gain the most out of this program.

Module 1

The Awakening Module

Understand What Went Wrong is Not YOU — It’s Only Your Programming
Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

  • Week One — The Divine Connection
  • Week Two — Lost Wounds
  • Week Three — Remember Your Dreams
  • Week Four — Abandonment, Rejection, Neglect and Codependency

Module 2

Gentle Accountability Module

Understand Your Power to Change Your Mind and Thus Your Life
Finding and Gaining More Personal Control Over Thoughts and Actions

  • Week Five — Your Brain and Pain
  • Week Six — Stop Giving Your Personal Power Away
  • Week Seven — Honoring Your Divine Inner Child
  • Week Eight — Uplevel Your Consciousness

Module 3

The Ascension Module

Embody Wisdom, Higher Consciousness and Transform Your More Each Day
Release Yourself from the Past and Create the Future You Desire

  • Week Nine — Vulnerability
  • Week Ten — Rise Above Fear
  • Week Eleven — Become Your True Self
  • Week Twelve — Design the Life You Desire and Deserve

"Hi Lisa, Wow. So happy to be taking another program/training. And once again, it does not disappoint!! Sometimes, I still need a little (or alot) of guidance navigating this process, trusting my inner guidance system, and allowing myself to be heard (even when angry) and seen. I now know that was one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me. As with each passing achievement, it was not enough and what I realize today is IT can be and is enough only because I acknowledge it for myself and the power, courage and bravery I have had all along! Anger (stuffing it) was a big one for me and the 1 2 3 process has been monumental in the process. Love and Light!"Mel

Each Week You Receive...

Video Lesson explaining the each powerful lesson

Powerful Healing Meditation created exclusively for this program

Downloadable PDF of Class Highlights

Downloadable PDF of
Homework Assignments

Downloadable PDF of
Journaling Prompts

To add even more value to this program and to ensure you have the greatest chance of success, I am including these bonuses:

  • Glossary of Special Terms Immediately Available
  • Bonus Graphic PDF which includes photos and graphs available each week
  • Bonus Meditation Scripts available each week
  • Bonus Grounding Meditation immediately available to try
  • Bonus Worksheets
  • Access to a member’s only forum to connect with others who are participating on this journey.
  • Bonus Infographics
  • Upon proof of completion, join Lisa’s Private Facebook Page exclusively available to members who have graduated from The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program
  • A Certificate of Completion you can download, print and display proudly.
  • A chance to participate in The Master Your Reality Coaching Program.

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12-Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

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"Hi Lisa. This was the most profound deepest moving most wonderful hug, if you will, I've ever been able to embrace. How awesome now that I know whos' been arguing in my head all this time. How awesome now that I can identify - - and truly truly have compassion for all these aspects that make up that beautiful little girl - my "self". My - - Self. Me. The truly authentic, real, whole and tangible me. I get so emotional when I say Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for sharing you. Namaste' my Precious Lisa." - Angela

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