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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung


  • If you have never felt loved it is nearly impossible to love the self.

  • If you don't love the self, you can't attract people who love you. 

  • If you don't love the self, you may be wasting your life trying to prove to someone that you are good enough. 



Unpredictable and invalidating childhood homes program children to believe they are not enough. As adults, we become cut off from our true selves and live our lives attaching to others, seeking approval, and holding our breath until someone, anyone gives us permission to live our authentic life. 

This program can assist adult children of alcoholics, victims of narcissistic abuse, or anyone who has grown up feeling invisible, and who has been programmed to believe they are unworthy. 

If you live in fear of what other people think, if you cater to the needs of others, and if you are tired of attracting narcissistic others into your experience, this program can help.

  • 12 Weeks of Healing Video Lessons

  • 12 Self Hypnosis Reprogramming Healing Meditations

  • 12 Live Group Calls with Lisa on Facebook

  • 12 Printable PDFS and Worksheets 

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  • Daily access to Lisa and her team 

  • Ask Lisa anything!

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This is a groundbreaking approach that addresses the precise faulty programs that rendered the mind crippled by negative childhood experiences. Psychotherapists and even neuroscientists are praising Lisa A. Romano's approach to healing the subconscious mind.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Carl Jung


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Module One-Awakening Weeks 1-4

Module Two-Accountability Weeks 5-8

Module Three-Ascension Weeks 9-12

Step by step blueprint, meticulously organized to help those who are serious and ready to 100% commit to emotional sobriety.

This is Lisa's actual healing blueprint!

Lisa's been there and she knows the way out!

It's Not You-It's Your Programming. 

You are ENOUGH.

Your subconscious mind just never knew that and this program can help you change that!

Reclaim Your Autonomy and be Codependent No More

Codependency Recovery Program

When we are codependent we have lost our autonomy. We rely on others for a sense of self, feelings of worthiness, direction, and validation.

Cognitive dissonance keeps us stuck.

We want love but we do not feel worthy of love, nor do we trust others to love us in a safe way.

The Inner Critic has been programmed by faulty beliefs and through various forms of abuse and neglect. Often, negative self-talk creates great tension, anxiety, depression, and even anger. Unable to effectively express emotions, abused adult children are forced to rely on maladaptive coping skills to help them navigate their inner, turbulent emotional worlds.

Children of alcoholics, narcissists, and those who have suffered from emotional neglect, have been programmed to believe that what they feel, think, and need is irrelevant. When children are conditioned to IGNORE their emotions, they evolve into adults who feel lost within themselves. 

CODEPENDENCY is a symptom and it can be corrected through a systematic, proven approach that addresses subconscious and faulty programs.

The brain can only play with the tools  that are in the shed. 

Those suffering from Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse, need more tools.

Lisa has found those tools and now she wants to teach them to you!

The 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Program provides those tools in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment over three months and under the watchful eye of Lisa A. Romano and her team. 


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The 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency  Program will help you...

  • put an end to seeking outside validation
  • become more decisive
  • gain self-confidence
  • learn to reparent the self
  • make what is unconscious conscious
  • live life more authentically
  • learn to tell your truth
  • end draining relationships
  • attract meaningful relationships
  • heal self-loathing
  • bring joy to your life
  • live above the veil of unconsciousness
  • heal your family
  • make the rest of your life the  best of your life 
  • learn how to set boundaries
  • gain control over your emotions
  • live with less anxiety
  • learn to love your SELF

— Your Coach —

 Life Coach and Bestselling Author, Lisa A. Romano

Once, did not believe I was enough. My world was dark and my decisions were poor. Today, I know it was not me, it was only my programming that was wrong. Codependency Recovery has saved not only my life, but my children's lives as well. 

Now, all I want to do is help wounded adults RECLAIM their lives through assisting them heal from the past, by showing them how to process, integrate, and MASTER their emotions and their minds.

I have always felt like a protector of those who were too beaten up to defend themselves. My online coaching programs are the ways I get to teach those suffering from codependency and narcissistic abuse how to protect themselves. 

We may have lost our childhoods, but there is still time to RECLAIM our NOW and CREATE the FUTURE we always deserved. 

YAY!!! 😀 


This program is Lisa's personal healing blueprint.

Learn to live above the veil of consciousness like she did and manifest the life you always deserved. 


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Can't wait until the next class opens?
Get access to the self-paced online class and SAVE 50%.

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Lisa A. Romano - Breakthrough Life Coach


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