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As an experienced and certified Life Coach, mentor and bestselling author, I can help you overcome the subconscious, faulty, childhood programming that is keeping you stuck. You absolutely CAN experience abundance in your life, when you finally change the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

I have dedicated my life to assisting wounded adult children of alcoholics and victims of narcissistic abuse BREAKTHROUGH the veils of unconsciousness that have had them unknowingly repeating dysfunctional patterns from the past.

Let me guide you to identity and free yourself of the beliefs that keep you feeling stuck on the road to recovery.

I developed a 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program to help wounded adult children unwire the dysfunctional programs learned as a child and rewire the brain with new healthy data.

Open to past private clients and anyone who has already taken part in The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program. This is an online Law of Attraction Coaching Program that has been customed designed for wounded adult children. knowing how to control your vibrations will help you manifest abundance, love and peace.

See what people are saying about this powerful, groundbreaking work.

I grew up feeling invisible, worthless, and like I did not deserve to be happy, peaceful, or loved. On a visceral level, I did not believe I was good enough to experience abundance or true love. Now that I have recovered from faulty childhood programming, I know that I am as deserving as any other human being that has ever been born or will ever be born, and I also know you are too!

Learning to fully understand your self-worth is the key to your total emotional recovery. Codependency and the wounds created by narcissistic abuse, create powerlessness within the mind, body, and soul. We are doomed to repeat our pasts until we heal from the faulty, limiting beliefs others programmed and brainwashed us to believe about ourselves when we were innocent children.

I have created these Codependency Worksheets to help you begin to identify patterns of Codependent thinking in your life.

My life’s work is dedicated to helping anyone sufering from childhood trauma overcome the limiting beliefs that are blocking their road to recovery. So I created Codependency Worksheets to help everyone begin to idenfy patterns of codependency in their lives.

Adults, who have been forced to live in states of survival as children, may not realize they are moving through life from a wounded place, recreating the exact patterns in their lives they once feared in their childhoods. This is not their fault but to heal, the adult must learn to become aware of what is really going on both on the conscious as well as unconscious level.

Healing is as much a neurological journey as it is an emotional journey. My method of teaching and coaching integrates all facets of what it means to be a human in the process of healing from childhood experiences. My approach includes the anatomy, physiology, spirituality, as well as the psychology of healing. This revolutionary 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program will allow you to slowly become integrated, mind, body, and soul.

Learn about how your body, as well as your mind, responded to childhood experiences you were powerless to control. Learn how to honor the default settings of your brain. Learn how to override fear responses and what you can do to finally learn how to feel your own feelings.


Join me and other serious and committed class members as we learn how to take control over our lives through this amazing and transformational journey.

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Breakthrough the veil of unconsciousness that is keeping you stuck repeating your past.

If you can Master your emotions and vibrations, you can manifest your desired creations.


I help you identify and overcome limitations from childhood trauma and recover from codependency.

  • Group Coaching

    I address questions from each member of the group Many issues get addressed at the same time. Learn more →

  • One to One Coaching

    Goal is to help you uncoer your belief systems that prevent you from living the reality of your true divine self. Learn more →

  • Speaking Engagements

    I inspire and empower my audiences with my story, insight and guidance. My message identifies ways to take control of your recovery. Learn more →

  • Tele-classes

    I create and produce each tele-class to provide the student with the insights he/she needs to experience the breakthrough they’re looking for. Learn more →


I write books I wish were available as I was learning to understand how being codependent created the subconscious templates that were responsible for what I was experiencing in my adult life experiences. Learning about codependency, narcissistic abuse, childhood emotional neglect, and adult children of alcoholic related issues helped me understand that what was wrong was not me--it was just my programming.

I suggest you read my books in the following order, The Road Back To Me, My Road Beyond the Codependent Divorce, Codependent Now What? It's Not You-It's Your Programming, Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now, and Loving The Self Affirmations 1 & 2.

The Road Back To Me will help you understand how powerless and innocent children become brainwashed by the way their parents perceive them. Understanding how innocent children view themselves through the reflections they see in their parent's eyes of them will help you heal from unnecessary and undeserving shame. Learn more →

My Road Beyond the Codependent Divorce is the sequel to The Road Back To Me. It will walk you through what it feels like to break free from a codependent marriage, a codependent family of origin, and towards a more loving relationship with self as well as others. Learn more →

Codependent Now What? It's Not You-It's Your Programming is a book full of useful everyday, practical tools you can use with your new understanding of self, codependency, and narcissistic abuse. Learn more →

Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now is a book that teaches you about the quantum nature of emotional abuse, childhood programming, indoctrination, and brainwashing. It will offer you a deeper understanding of how what you learned in childhood may be keeping you stuck and attracting self-defeating life experiences and what you can do to change what is holding you back. Learn more →

Loving the Self Affirmations-Breaking The Cycles of Dysfunctional Belief Systems is a book of daily affirmations you can use to keep you grounded and centered as you begin deprogramming the limiting beliefs others conditioned you to believe in childhood. Learn more →

Loving the Self Affirmations-Healing Childhood Brainwashing is a book of daily affirmations you can use to stay motivated and grounded as you continue to understand faulty childhood programming for what it really is, and helps you create new, healthier thoughts that are more in alignment with Self-love. Learn more →

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Listen as I explain key aspects of codependency and what you can do to overcome patterns from your past.

If you're ready to dig in and face the faulty childhood programming that has been keeping you stuck repeating negative patterns from the past, Dear One, you are in the right place.

My coaching method is founded upon the idea that all dysfunctional relationships with others are the result of a dysfunctional relationship with the self, that was created by the dysfunction of our childhoods we were powerless to control when we were innocent children.

I'm Lisa A. Romano

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Register for my 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program and begin your journey of healing, self-discovery and recovery.

If any of my work resonates with you, please consider joining me for the next 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. Once you have completed this program, you will have the opportunity to take your recovery to the next level by joining Lisa A. Romano's Master Class, Master Your Vibrations and Master Your Life Coaching Program.

Wounded adult children need a Law of Attraction coaching program that is unique to their subconscious programming. If you are interested in the Law of Attraction and you wish to learn how to truly begin manifesting peace, joy, contentment, happiness, love and abundance into your life, my Master Class is for you.

Psychotherapists, physicians, attorneys, business owners, members of the clergy, stay at home moms and dads all agree, Lisa A. Romano's unique, and groundbreaking modality of coaching helped make healing possible.

If you are questioning or doubting for any reason to not do this program, tell that voice to PIPE DOWN and sign up RIGHT NOW.

This person and this voice was me leading up until June 2017. I was scared going into Lisa’s program and the price tag was terrifying for me. (I was coming from a huge lack mentality – you’ll learn about this in the program ) BUT there was something inside of me that knew I needed this program. Something led me to this program and I am so glad I jumped at the chance to start it and did not let my fear control me.

In... Full Testimonial ➝

I have suffered from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem since childhood and was clueless as to what could be wrong with me .I was in and out of therapy for many years and nothing seemed to really work for me. Eventually I became fed up with everything. Last June I came across Lisa’s Youtube channel and after watching many of her videos it became clear to me that there was nothing wrong with me except the way I was raised as a child.

I have suffered from narcissistic abuse and as a result developed codependency. Right away I KNEW that I had to take... Full Testimonial ➝

Faiza Nawaz

Lisa’s 12 Week Breakthrough program was amazing! Prior to signing up, I’d recently ended a relationship in which I was surprised to discover I’d fallen victim to the painful dynamics it held. Coming across Lisa’s program information on breaking free from codependency, I knew right away it was for me. Participating in her program brought about a new level of growth that I hadn’t been able to access up to that point. I gained so much understanding into how I could even find myself in such a relationship, let alone stay in it for a while. Her course showed me how... Full Testimonial ➝

Alyse A. Rynor, LCSW
Soul Choice Counseling
Evanston, IL


It’s not you, dear one, it’s your programming!

- - Lisa A. Romano