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Learn to Love the Self

Some of us must be taught to love the self.


"Thank you and I love doing this program! It is so clear and understandable and so enjoyable!" - Cheryl


If you grew up feeling seen but not heard, chances are you may struggle with feeling like you have a self that is worthy of love, peace and abundance. When we are taught to deny our emotions, it is impossible to find love and respect for the self. As a result, our relationships with ourselves as well as with others, are not as healthy as they could or should be. Thankfully, this four part program can help teach you how to find, accept, honor, respect and love the self.

Here's Karen's Story

Karen was a woman who came to me seeking help regarding her relationship. As a codependent woman, raised by an alcoholic mother and father, Karen grew up as the family caretaker. Her childhood was lost to chaos, unpredictability and role reversal. Karen did not love herself, because she carried tremendous familial shame and her parents were unable to meet her emotional needs for healthy mirroring. Growing up feeling ashamed of her family dynamics, Karen unknowingly internalized this shame. Karen participated in this four part Loving the Self video and meditation program, and quickly learned all about the root cause of why it was so difficult for her to connect with her authentic self.

Today, Karen relies on these tools to help her navigate her negative emotions to a clearer, and healthier understanding of her true self. Karen now knows she was always enough.

If you grew up feeling invisible, and like it was your job to keep everyone around you happy, you’ve been running your life moving in the wrong direction. You’ve been looking for personal power outside of you instead of inside of you. That’s not your fault, of course. In order for a child to feel worthy of love, they need to feel loved by nurturing parents. If you were not nurtured effectively, it is not too late. You can now learn to give your inner child all that they always deserved and live a life more connected to the true, divine self.

Get Instant Access to The Loving The Self Video and Meditation Program


Meet Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano was voted the #1 most influential person in 2020 and was recently mentioned in the LA Times.

Actors from the movie WAVES cited her YouTube videos for helping them prepare for their lead roles as children from dysfunctional homes. Lisa is one of the most top meditation teachers on the world’s largest meditation app, called Insight Timer.

Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has helped thousands of people reclaim their autonomy, heal codependency, and live more emotionally regulated lives.

She is also the author of seven best selling books on healing from codependency, as well as negative childhood experiences.

Dive Deep Into Finding and Loving the Self

Part 1

Accept Yourself and Make Peace with Negative Emotions

Until we can integrate negative emotions, our brain will try to run from them. In order to love the self, we must accept all aspects of the self.

Part 2

Understand Yourself Psychological Self

Until we understand what makes us -- us, we can expect others to know us better than we know ourselves. Understanding the psychological self, helps us to develop more realistic expectations of ourselves and others. This makes room for more loving experiences with others as well as with ourselves.

Part 3

Embrace the Inner Critic

Until you understand the narrative of the inner critic, you run from the faulty, negative, and sometimes cruel messages that have been downloaded in the subconscious mind. Once you embrace the inner critic, shame dissolves, fear lifts, and you develop the ability to observe messages rather than react to them. This lesson teaches you to understand that you are not the inner critic

Part 4

Supreme Self Care

Codependent people and those who struggle with boundaries can sometimes fall prey to expecting others to read their mind. They can also do for others, seeking a sense of self and validation. Only when you are able to seek your own validation, can you ever truly love the self. This lesson brings it all home!

"Hi Lisa, Wow. So happy to be taking another program/training. And once again, it does not disappoint!! Sometimes, I still need a little (or alot) of guidance navigating this process, trusting my inner guidance system, and allowing myself to be heard (even when angry) and seen. I now know that was one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me. As with each passing achievement, it was not enough and what I realize today is IT can be and is enough only because I acknowledge it for myself and the power, courage and bravery I have had all along! Anger (stuffing it) was a big one for me and the 1 2 3 process has been monumental in the process. Love and Light!"Mel

Because I want to make sure these lessons stick!

Not only do you receive four video lessons, you will also receive the following...

PDF Of Class Notes

These class notes are filled with powerful healing statements, science based information, and insights you can rely on to help you learn to up your self worth, validate your divine self, and learn to love and respect your self! Download and print them! Add them to a study binder and refer back to them to help you reinforce new healthy self loving programs!

Journaling Prompts

If we knew what questions to ask ourselves, we would ask them! In this video and meditation program, I take the guesswork out of this for you! In each lesson, you will have an opportunity to participate in completing journaling prompts designed by Lisa A. Romano herself, to help you dig deep into those old, crusty, self sabotaging, subconscious programs! You can’t fix a hole in the wall until you can see it. Lisa’s journaling prompts make it easy for you to understand what needs to be addressed!


I have created specific meditations to help unlock the negative messages that may be keeping you stuck. Beliefs are at the root of every negative thought you think about yourself. These meditations unlock negative beliefs and help you rewire your brain for self love. Is it possible to expect to be loved if you don’t love yourself? Of course not, and that is why rewiring your brain for self love is crucial if you want to manifest love, peace and abundance in your life!

Members Only Forum

Feel free to post your comments and breakthroughs to the members only forum. Share your experiences with the program and let others know why you’ve been stuck for so long and how the program is helping you to breakthrough!

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"Hi Lisa. This was the most profound deepest moving most wonderful hug, if you will, I've ever been able to embrace. How awesome now that I know whos' been arguing in my head all this time. How awesome now that I can identify - - and truly truly have compassion for all these aspects that make up that beautiful little girl - my "self". My - - Self. Me. The truly authentic, real, whole and tangible me. I get so emotional when I say Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for sharing you. Namaste' my Precious Lisa." - Angela

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