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What if you knew you were good enough? 

Imagine what life could be like if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you were good enough?


What would your life look like and how would you feel if you knew that you never needed to seek validation or approval from another person, like a narcissist for instance, again?

Looks pretty awesome, right? 

GREAT! There's a way you can get there... keep reading ⇩

Introducing Lisa A. Romano's

The Breakthrough Warrior Membership

If you are someone like me, who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of feeling not good enough, then you are someone who will appreciate the work I have put into creating this Breakthrough Warrior Membership!

Every month you receive new healing resources you can use to put an end to people-pleasing, stuffing your emotions, and attracting narcissistic others into your life, in addition to having access to some of my online programs, videos, meditations, workbooks, and advanced codependency audio training. 

Meet Lisa A. Romano

My name is Lisa A. Romano. About 20 years ago, I learned that my life was a complete mess because I was a codependent person living below the veil of consciousness. I had been conditioned and programmed by my family of origin to acquiesce to the needs of others and to live as if I had no needs of my own. I was in denial of my feelings, and spent years trying to be ‘good enough’ for my parents, family, in-laws, spouse, and even friends. I had a hard time making decisions and I struggled with crippling self-doubt until I was diagnosed with codependency.  When I finally had a name for how STUCK I was feeling, I was as relieved as I was curious about what I could do to fix whatever this thing called codependency was.

When I understood that codependency implied I had a loss sense of self-hood, and that I felt like I needed others permission to have a right to feel my emotions, I knew that I had to make every effort to heal, and especially since I had small children I had modeled these dysfunctional patterns for.

When I finally figured out what codependency was and learned how to heal my faulty subconscious beliefs, I promised myself I would spend the rest of my life helping other people reclaim their sense of self back, like I had, so they could finally live ABOVE the veil of CONSCIOUSNESS!

Since that time, I have written and published seven bestselling books, and have created highly successful healing online coaching programs. My YouTube channel has nearly 400K subscribers and I am one of the most listened to meditation teachers on Insight Timer.

The Breakthrough Warrior Membership Program Will Offer You ...

A private Facebook Community with like-minded others who understand what it is like to try to end their people-pleasing ways.

Resources that you can sink your teeth into each and every day so you can work on your codependency and abandonment issues.

A one-stop-shop of healing information all centered upon healing and recovering from codependency.

Access to Lisa Romano and and her expert Moderators

“This Membership was exactly the place I needed to land when my life got real. About the time of my divorce, I knew I needed to find a community of people that understood what it was like to try and heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse. This site offers so much healing information and I love that it is all in one place! Rather than search a bunch of websites, Lisa has created a membership with categories I can just log on and begin working on a program, or listen to a meditation any time that is convenient for me.”

~ Nancy

This Breakthrough Warrior Membership Includes;

A live Q&A with Lisa a. Romano every month

New Themed resources each month which include a monthly mantra, journaling prompts, and a podcast

Access to a private Member Only Facebook Community

The Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program

The Advanced Codependency Recovery Audio Program


Video collection according to topic


Workbooks and more …


Additional Bonuses

To add even more value to this membership, I am offering you a downloadable copy of my book Loving the Self Affirmations and access to the Boundary Building Workshop!

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“I never expected to enjoy this Facebook Community or this membership so much! Lisa has put so much effort into creating this, and it is so easy to use, I am just so happy I have all of these tools at my disposal.”


Frequently Asked Questions...

“I was skeptical about an online membership until I gave this one a try. If you want resources and practical steps to be codependent no more, look no further.”


Carpenters need tools and so do healing codependents! Every carpenter needs a hammer, some nails, a saw, and a number of other items to turn a run-down building into a five-star hotel. Well, healing from codependency, shame, and faulty subconscious programming requires the same! 

Yes, in order to change your life you will need tools and a supportive healing community doesn’t hurt either! In fact, tools plus a supportive community in addition to live Q&A sessions all but guarantees your success on the road to recovery!

We got this!