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: The scientifically backed breakthrough method to unshackle yourself from the chains of your past and identify how codependency is impacting your life so you can finally experience the liberating power of LIVING for yourself!


Hi! My name is Lisa A. Romano

About 20 years ago, I learned that my life was a complete mess because I was a codependent person living below the veil of consciousness. I had been conditioned and programmed by my family of origin to acquiesce to the needs of others and to live as if I had no needs of my own. I was in denial of my feelings, and spent years trying to be ‘good enough’ for my parents, family, in-laws, spouse, and even friends. I had a hard time making decisions and I struggled with crippling self-doubt until I was diagnosed with codependency.  When I finally had a name for how STUCK I was feeling, I was as relieved as I was curious about what I could do to fix whatever this thing called codependency was.

When I understood that codependency implied I had a loss sense of self-hood, and that I felt like I needed others permission to have a right to feel my emotions, I knew that I had to make every effort to heal, and especially since I had small children I had modeled these dysfunctional patterns for.

When I finally figured out what codependency was and learned how to heal my faulty subconscious beliefs, I promised myself I would spend the rest of my life helping other people reclaim their sense of self back, like I had, so they could finally live ABOVE the veil of CONSCIOUSNESS!

Since that time, I have written and published seven bestselling books, and have created highly successful healing online coaching programs. My YouTube channel has nearly 657K subscribers and I am one of the most listened to meditation teachers on Insight Timer.

My intention with everything I create is to support men and women just like me to finally discover that they are good enough… to understand that once they identify how codependency is affecting them (in almost every part of their lives) they can finally be the person in their lineage to BREAKTHROUGH the cycle and become a WARRIOR in their lives.

So what is a warrior?


A warrior is someone who consciously chooses to face the shadows within, who knows that healing is an inside job, regardless of who helped create those inner wounds, when, or why.

We are deliberate thinkers, authentic feelers, and humble beings who willfully take on the challenge of self-awareness and commit our lives to live above the veil of consciousness. At the same time, we courageously work to break free of the subconscious, negative programs instilled within our minds when we were powerless to defend ourselves against them.

We have learned to understand that our self-sabotaging thinking and behaviors were not us. It was our programming.  We have learned to understand that what happened to us was not our fault and that living at the level of survival was a natural consequence. And most of all, we have learned that we are enough.

Today, all we want to do is ensure we are doing all we can to break free of the chains of the past so we can help heal our lives and model healthy thinking, feeling, and behaving for our children. 

We also understand that what happens at the micro level affects the macro level. We take our healing journey seriously and know that no one can save us but ourselves. We are ready to let go of the past for a chance to create and manifest lives worth giving.

“This Membership was exactly the place I needed to land when my life got real. About the time of my divorce, I knew I needed to find a community of people that understood what it was like to try and heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse. This site offers so much healing information and I love that it is all in one place! Rather than search a bunch of websites, Lisa has created a membership with categories I can just log on and begin working on a program, or listen to a meditation any time that is convenient for me.”

- Nancy

“I never expected to enjoy this Facebook Community or this membership so much! Lisa has put so much effort into creating this, and it is so easy to use, I am just so happy I have all of these tools at my disposal.”

- Hilary

The Breakthrough Warrior Membership Program Will Offer You ...


A live Q&A with Lisa A. Romano every month
Value: $2000

 Access to Lisa A. Romano and her expert moderators

Value: $2000

Access to a private Facebook Community with like-minded others who understand what it is like to try to end their people-pleasing ways

Value: $1000

✓ Deeply transformative audio bundles and meditations
Value: $500

Video collection explicitly curated for where you are on your healing journey so you have a one-stop-shop of scientifically backed information all proven to help you recover from codependency
Value: $1000

 New themed resources each month, which include a monthly mantra, journaling prompts, and a podcast 
Value: $1000

Challenges to help you reinforce what you are learning so that these new healthy beliefs get rooted within your subconscious mind, and become your new way of being. 
Value: $1000

Trauma Recovery Worksheet to deepen your knowledge and actually start to do the healing work...
Value: $1000


And let's not forget the Bonuses!

When you join the membership, you get instant access to 4 F
ull Programs that you can sink your teeth into each and every day!

This is meant to serve you in working on your codependency and abandonment issues.

he Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program 
Value: $199


The 12 Part Advanced Codependency Recovery Audio Program 
Value: $199


Boundary Building Workbook and Bonus MP3 

Value: $199


Your Feelings Are the Key Audios

Value: $199


TOTAL VALUE: $10,296
Regular Price for New Members: $588

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Janet B

I wondered about joining Lisa’s Membership for years. But because she has so much free material on YouTube, I thought I didn’t need it. That was until I signed on for a month and dove into her courses, journaling exercises, and new monthly mini-programs. And when I joined the support group and listened to Lisa answer our questions during a livestream, I knew my life would be empowered like never before if I put effort into what this membership. I especially enjoy learning about the brain and trauma and how and why I became such a people-pleaser.  The workbooks and worksheets and journaling exercises force my mind to expand, and I love that. I never knew how conscious I could be and that is making all the difference. 

It’s really hard to describe the work she has put into this membership because it is tremendous. Lisa not only explains so well what I am going through, but she follows up by offering tools to fix my life. 

The Facebook moderators and members are kind and supportive and have always answered any of my questions. My mindset has improved because I know what to do when  I feel stuck. I also feel like this membership has helped me kind of grow up. I never had anyone teach me how to think healthily, and the tools in this membership and Lisa’s guidance are changing that for me.

Patricia Coon

My Black Friday money went to a full-year membership to Breakthrough Warrior this year. I invested in something much more worthwhile than stuff. 

It's causing me to go higher and deeper in ownership of my life.

I'm grateful for The Breakthrough Warrior Membership because I've benefitted greatly from it. It's like getting a great deal on a fully stocked store with all the latest tools to build a new life with full training on how to use it for optimal results.

The richness of meditations, classes, journal prompts, and exercises keeps me on this path of consciousness and connectedness to my world. 

The library is really easy to navigate. The array of materials takes 5 minutes up to 30 minutes to complete. It's designed to empower me with as little or as much as I have time for on any given day.

I use the meditations morning and night and classes during the day. I have considered this program for years. I'm glad I did this for myself!

I thank Lisa for making such a broad-reaching resource for Breakthrough Warriors like us!

Frannie S

This site offers the most effective tools, resources, and support for anything I have found on my healing journey.  Not only do the tools address a wide range of obstacles that need to be overcome when healing, there is also a built-in support system of moderators and monthly live interactions with Lisa herself.  

The resources are proven, and you can reach your desired goals when applied.  Each course, meditation, podcast, and resource has been carefully thought out and offered from a place of love consciousness.  This material comes from someone who has not only lived through the traumas in life but has reached many of her desired goals after overcoming the obstacles.  

It is truly a treasure chest for those who want to understand and grow!  

Thank you, Lisa A. Romano, for your wholehearted love and desire to heal the people of this planet!

Beverly Devolin-Zwart

The Breakthrough Warriors Membership has become an essential part of the continuation of my healing, growth, and accountability in the work I absolutely must do for myself. The many options I can access there help me stay grounded and serve as a personal support system. I appreciate the motivation I get with the monthly themes and the challenge to complete sections around specific topics or content.                                               

I know in myself when I am out of balance, and this membership is like no other in its ability to help me refocus and keep moving forward. The once-a-month live streams are helpful for questions I may have or struggle with. Like so many, several traumas I have survived were repetitive obstacles I did not understand.          

Lisa is a master communicator and brilliant at keeping it real and honest. Her way of maintaining support and validation for people while strengthening their responsibilities and accountability has influenced my strength and growth.   

 I cannot recommend the Breakthrough Warriors Membership enough for anyone desiring a new personal or spiritual destination or anyone fascinated with human behavior and the ability of the cognitive mind.

Let me be very clear… this membership is not for everyone.

Not everyone has experienced childhood trauma

Not everyone had alcoholic parents

Not everyone was raised by a narcissist

Not everyone feels the need to put everyone’s needs ahead of their own

Not everyone feels tired of being tired and has no clue why they feel so stuck

Not everyone keeps making the same mistakes over

And not everyone is courageous enough to look within because they know that if they don’t change, nothing in their life will

But if any of this resonates with you...

If you imagine a life where your identity is not defined by others… a life where you are free to explore who you truly are and lead a life of your own…

If you dream of having meaningful connections without the emotional baggage, guilt, and doubt, and instead know how to give of yourself freely from a place of healthy boundaries…

If you desire to know what self love and self acceptance truly feels like, where you no longer seek others' validation…

If you envision a future with a healthier and more balanced mindset… a gift that you can pass down to your children…

Then, I invite you to join me inside the Breakthrough Warrior Membership!

Carpenters need tools and so do healing codependents! Every carpenter needs a hammer, some nails, a saw, and a number of other items to turn a run-down building into a five-star hotel. Well, healing from codependency, shame, and faulty subconscious programming requires the same! 

In order to change your life you will need tools and a supportive healing community doesn’t hurt either!

In fact, tools plus a supportive community in addition to live Q&A sessions all but guarantees your success on the road to recovery!

You got this, warrior!


“I was skeptical about an online membership until I gave this one a try. If you want resources and practical steps to be codependent no more, look no further.”


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