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Lisa A. Romano
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I write books I wish were available as I was learning to understand how being codependent created the subconscious templates that were responsible for what I was experiencing in my adult life experiences. Learning about codependency, narcissistic abuse, childhood emotional neglect, and adult children of alcoholic related issues helped me understand that what was wrong was not me--it was just my programming.

I suggest you read my books in the following order, The Road Back To Me, My Road Beyond the Codependent Divorce, Codependent Now What? It's Not You-It's Your Programming, Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now, and Loving The Self Affirmations 1 & 2.


The Road Back to Me

Within all of us is an inner child who has been taught about their value through the experiences of childhood. If you have been raised by people who caused you to feel invisible and unworthy, this book can help you reconnect with your own inner child. 


Beyond the Codependent Divorce

This sequel to The Road Back to Me, details the journey Lisa took from the world of unconsciousness to the world of truth. Healing from a codependent marriage is not for the faint of heart, but Lisa did it and so can you. 


Quantum Tools to Help You Heal Your Life Now

We are all vibrational beings and when we learn to honor the laws that govern this time and space, we can heal our lives in incredible and magnificent ways. This book draws parallels between dysfunctional homes, healing, and the law of attraction.


Codependent Now What?

You're codependent, now what do you do? This book is full of strategy steps, insights, and tools you can put into IMMEDIATE ACTION to help you heal the subconscious programs that are keeping you stuck.  Be prepared to be amazed!


Loving the Self Affirmations Book One

It's not you-it's your programming and that is why in order to heal, you MUST address the faulty BELIEFS that are rolling around in that magnificent head of yours. Once you know what beliefs are corrupt, you can heal them with these life-changing affirmations. 


Loving the Self Affirmations Book Two

It is almost impossible to love your self when you have never felt loved. This book helps you heal the childhood programming that is responsible for negative self-talk that is keeping you from living the life you always deserved.


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The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

Emotionally neglected children grow up and abandon themselves. This is NOT our fault. The 12 Week Breakthrough Coachingâ„  Program is the personal template I used to help me heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse. Click learn more and join the next class to heal yourself to a better life.


Lisa A Romano's Coaching Masterclass

Open to past private clients and anyone who has already taken part in The 12 Week Breakthrough Coachingâ„  Program. This is an online Law of Attraction Coaching Program that has been custom designed for wounded adult children. Click learn more and get started.


Breakthrough Warrior Membership

We all know wounded people, but not all wounded people are alike. This MEMBERSHIP is for someone who knows that NOTHING changes in their life unless THEY change. WE can change the programs and beliefs that prevent us from being our AUTHENTIC SELF. 


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