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Adults, who have been forced to live in states of survival as children, may not realize they are moving through life from a wounded place, recreating the exact patterns in their lives they once feared in their childhoods.   


Use these guided meditation and audio bundles from Lisa A. Romano to heal and create the life you truly desire.

Become Your Personal Best Meditation Bundle

Are you ready to ELEVATE your consciousness and UNLOCK the SECRETS to SUCCESS, PROSPERITY, and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT?

This guided meditation bundle is for the person who HUNGERS for every and any tool possible that will STRENGTHEN their chances of ACHIEVING their personal best!

  • Meditation for Personal Success
  • Attract Success and Abundance
  • Letting Go of Attachments
  • Grounding Meditation with Positive You Are Worth Affirmations
  • Mental Alchemy
  • Reduce Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts
  • Powerful Guided Meditation to Connect to Higher Self
  • Bonus -- Learn to Forgive Yourself Meditation
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Conquer Shame and Trauma Meditation Bundle

Are you ready for a healing transformative journey, that will allow you to uncover the beliefs and experiences that are responsible for mental and emotional blocks?

It's not you -- it's your programming and this meditation bundle can help you CLEAR any negative emotional blocks from the past that no longer serve your higher purpose. You have not come to survive. You have come to THRIVE!

  • Release Childhood Trauma
  • Powerful Guided Meditation to Heal Toxic Shame
  • Heal Shame in the Magic Garden
  • Healing Shame Meditation
  • You are Worthy
  • Heal the Wounded Heart
  • Heal From Narcissistic Abuse
  • Bonus -- Body Scan Meditation
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Achieve Meaningful Love in Relationships

Are you ready to ACQUIRE the LOVE you DESIRE?

It's not you, it's your love and abundance BLOCKS getting in the way of you ACQUIRING the meaningful love relationships you desire! Once you master your mindset around love and relationships, you will become a POWERFUL magnet for all that you desire!

  • Manifest Love Law of Attraction Meditation
  • Attract the Love You Desire Meditation
  • Enhance Self Love Guided Healing Meditation
  • Healing the Illusions of the Past
  • Bonus -- Heal the World Meditation
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Your Feelings are Key Audio Training Bundle

Thoughts and feelings, when combined, become ONE and manifest into things, whether they are positive or negative. Become SUPER KNOWLEDGABLE about emotions, thoughts, and your DIVINE Personal Power! REMOVE RESISTANCE to POSITIVE thinking and GAIN the momentum you need to EMPOWER your MIND, BODY and SOUL.

  • Your Feelings are Key
  • Waking Up From the Codependent Mindset
  • The Three Deadly R's
  • They Were Wrong; You Can Heal
  • The Law of Attraction Demystified
  • Bonus -- Merge With the Light Guided I Am Meditation
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