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Learn to set the Right Boundaries so you can manifest the relationships and experiences that mirror the AUTHENTIC YOU!


Did you grow up feeling;

  • Invisible

  • Unimportant

  • Unworthy

  • Stuffing your feelings

  • Denying your needs for the sake of others

If so, there are things you need to understand and do, in order to make long-lasting changes in your life! 

You might be here simply because you are tired of not knowing how to say “NO!” Feeling like you can’t say “NO” makes it impossible for you to feel like you are living an authentic life!

Maybe you’ve been learning about boundaries and codependency for a long time and you want to dive a little deeper into the core issues people struggle with when it comes to setting boundaries. Did you know that the reason most people can’t set boundaries is because of subconscious paradigms? 

Hi! My name is Lisa A. Romano

My name is Lisa A. Romano creator of the Boundary Building Workshop Audio where you are going to learn about how you can begin setting healthier boundaries so you can move beyond negative childhood programming and live a more empowered authentic life!

If you are here, it is probably because you have a difficult time speaking your truth, setting boundaries, and living a life that represents the real, authentic YOU! If you want to overcome the fear of setting boundaries and you wish to STOP tolerating narcissistic abuse, manipulation, and feeling like you are living your life subjugating your needs for the sake of others, you are in the right place.

I have created this Boundary Building Workshop to help you recalibrate the way you think so you can become more comfortable with setting boundaries so you can manifest the relationships and experiences that mirror the AUTHENTIC YOU! 


By accessing this Boundary Building Workshop, you will gain insight into what it means to be codependent, what you can do to take steps to reprogram dysfunctional beliefs, and how to begin building better boundaries in all areas of your life! STOP subjugating your needs for the sake of others and start living your best life NOW!

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Learn about 5 prime key areas you can learn to begin working on TODAY!

Gain the clarity you need to HONE in on these 5 prime key areas so you can start reprogramming the codependent subconscious beliefs within TODAY!

If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not it! Reprogramming your mind takes time and knowledge! BUT if you are willing to LEARN and APPLY the knowledge you gain with this audio workshop, incrementally your life must shift! 

If you are someone who is STARVING for the knowledge you need to CORRECT faulty beliefs, then this Boundary Building Workshop will be a lifesaving tool! If you feel like you are NOT ENOUGH, use this workshop to help you embrace the Codependency Recovery Journey so you can MASTER your MINDSET and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

What is included in this training?

This is a 67-minute audio workshop you can use to help you dive deep into the true causes of codependency which in essence is a  loss of selfhood. Without a healthy sense of self, it is impossible to set boundaries. Once you learn what you need to understand about codependency, and you gain insights into HOW TO set boundaries, faulty paradigms shatter! Over time, as you make incremental shifts in your thinking with these powerful insights, your life begins to reveal to you positive changes!

When I offer this workshop LIVE, the fee is $199.00 to attend. Today, I am offering this audio version to you for a ridiculously low price WITH an accompanying downloadable workbook - I am practically giving it away!

I dedicated my life to the field of Codependency Recovery nearly 20 years ago, the moment I realized that most people had no clue that their minds were both subconscious and conscious at the same time. Once my therapist diagnosed me with codependency, and I eventually realized I had no clue how to set boundaries,  I knew I had to find as many ways as possible to teach people what I had learned! Since that time, I have created The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, The Master Your Reality Coaching Program, The Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program, created a YouTube Channel with over 380K subscribers, and I have published 7 bestselling books, in addition to being voted the #1 Most Influential Person of the Year in 2020.  You can also find my meditations and podcasts on Insight Timer, Spotify, Spreaker, and ITunes. 

It is not you -- it is your programming and I have dedicated my entire life to helping YOU understand precisely what that means and what you can do to MASTER YOUR LIFE in spite of the past!

If you are codependent, or if you were raised by immature, narcissistic or emotionally neglectful, or alcoholic parents, the chances are you STUFF your emotions rather than honor them. You are likely to be in denial about just how deeply you have been impacted by feeling invisible as a child and as an adult. You may not have any clue about how to be more truthful about the way you feel, or about what you need!

Let's change that all - STARTING TODAY!

Join me inside the Boundary Building Audio Workshop & Workbook to begin empowering yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to rebuild your life from the inside out!


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