Aug 18, 2020

Quiet the mind, love the body, and look within

by Lisa A. Romano

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When we look outside of ourselves and we see chaos, we must remember to quiet the mind, love the body, and look within.

If the matrix is confused, disordered, and chaotic, remember, that it is all too easy to become a part of what is happening outside of you.
It is not easy.

It is probably the MOST difficult of all spiritual tasks to achieve.

Closing your eyes to what is happening outside of you, regardless of the temptation to become a part of what is happening outside of you, because your egoic mind believes that if it can control what is happening outside of you, then you will feel less out of control IS the goal, no matter how ridiculously difficult.

Within you is a magnificent, abundant, perfect world.

Within you is a world of cells, organs, capillaries, neurons, arteries, minerals, vitamins, and more, all designed for your good.

Within you is the ability to imagine any state you desire.
Focus on your body. Love it...appreciate it...honor it...respect is your truest and realist best friend for life.

Train your subconscious mind. It will trick you into living in the past and through the wounds of the inner child.

Quiet your conscious mind. The adolescent ego within you may be annoyed, pissed off, or terrified it is not enough. Teach it to believe it is enough and that Higher Self is but one silent thought away.

Your Higher Self watches and waits as your physical, emotional, and mental selves fall into alignment with the truth that sets you free.

You are were born will always be enough...Life is a ride...We all have ups and downs...The universe seeks to strike balance according to its own set of unique laws...Humans may think they are in control of those laws but they are wrong...What we resist persists...What we fear we attract...What we accept and surrender to hurts less...What we believe we become...What we feel we make real...When we let go we flow...
Common sense over fear.

Acceptance over judgment.

Love over hate.

Flow over constriction.

Wisdom over unconsciousness.

There is nothing to fear...all is matter what...all is well...
Live full of grace and that will be enough no matter whatever might be.
Make it a FANTASTIC Wednesday!