May 24, 2018

Narcissism--Global Tyranny In Disguise

by Lisa A. Romano

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There are so many secrets for man to discover on his sacred journey through life. Perhaps the most illusive however, is the secret that is living right behind his eyes.

Man has been kept in the dark for generations, and perhaps even since the beginning of time. Although there are those who are awakened, and have transcended the dark energies within their emotional bodies, many are still blind to the greatness within. Man has coded within his DNA all the potential needed to create abundance, health, love, joy and well being, and yet only 1% of the world's population seems to know how to invoke this potential to its max.

Most beings are ladened with guilt, shame, sorrow, lack, and poor health. Many beings believe they need and deserve their states and governments to provide for them, which also means they do not believe they can or should provide for themselves. A mind that believes in entitlement may be unaware that in believing in entitlement he gives up his power to live the life he truly deserves. Once a being positions himself as a victim, the being is then controlled by those he believes owe him.

Beings who are poor of mind, are rooted in lack. The lack may be tied to unworthiness of some kind, which will always lead back to fear. But when man confronts his personal fear, he discovers the fear was nothing more than an illusion, smoke and mirrors created to keep him under a spell, and in a long sleep like state.

Every human being is coded with godlike DNA. It is the mind however, that has been tainted to believe otherwise. Why would governments, churches, and educational systems look to hinder a man with fear? Because without fear mans emotions cannot be controlled.

A fearless man, who is also a compassionate being is a man who has the ability to rebuke the illusion of powerlessness. He is a man who moves about his life effortlessly, with his attention pulled back into his own body, and whose attention is focused purely on the good within, and thus is no longer impacted on the illusions created by the powers at large.

Narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy are magnets for empathetic, other focused, codependents. The fear these dark energy bodies unleash in the homes and hearts of individuals has the potential to cripple a society one family at a time. Sadly, this crippling dysfunction then carries on throughout future generations.

On a micro level, you and I may be married, engaged or involved with a narcissist, and we may not fully understand the rippling effects these fear based relationships have on a mass level. But the reality is, NOTHING in this universe does not get registered or returned back to the being from which it came.

On a mass level, we must begin to awaken to the big picture. When we are sucked into painful dynamics by narcissistic others, our vibrations ripple out into the universe. Every cell of our being registers that pain, and has the potential to impact how well or how poorly our cells communicate with one another. In addition, our vibrational frequencies also impact our female and male reproductive organs. Yes, our eggs and sperms carry frequencies.

On a grand scale our frequencies ripple out into the divine matrix, register, and become like vibrational imprints we become tethered too. On a mass level, each of us adds to the emotional blueprints or templates of its society both locally and globally. What you feel matters, dear one!

When we face the dark energies in our homes, we transcend the dark energies of our past, present and even our future. When we learn to look within, honor the divine self, face the illusions of not-enough-ness, we unleash the godlike potential in us all! Our freedom not only impacts our life for the better, but it adds to the totality of universal energy as well. Every emotion matters dear one!

May be you motivated to face the fear that you are not enough, for it is an ILLUSION!

May you learn to embrace the only true reality there ever was; you are god incarnate!

You dear one are an extension of creator. The godlike potential has been seeded into your DNA, and sadly the illusion of fear has kept your mind in the dark. The fear that you are not enough has caused you to live in the dark, blind to your true divinity, purpose and potential. The time has come however, for whatever reason--for you to awaken--to hear the trumpet call--and to honor the vibrations of victory.

Pay close attention to how you FEEL dear one--for your feelings connect you to the divine matrix, and will let you know when you are sharing your energy, space, and time with a dark being or a being of light!

When you heal your heart, you help heal the world dear one.

Accept the dark energies and do not waste your energy or vibrations on beings whose agenda it is to keep you stuck and blind to your worthiness.

Surrender to your own divinity.

Seek your own joy.

Create abundance, by knowing your true nature.

Be patient and watch how your reality begins to shift along with your new understanding, and appreciation of Self!

In love and in light precious ones!!!