May 24, 2018

Back to top Childhood Emotional Neglect and Low Self Esteem

by Lisa A. Romano

childhood emotional neglect low self esteem subconscious programming

Many adults suffer from low self esteem. In spite of how successful we may seem, far too often many of us feel like we are dying inside. Our outer worlds may seem perfect but below the surface we are struggling to keep up the facade.

Adults who have not been taught to believe they are good enough, may not believe they are. If we were made to feel like burdens as children, we may have developed subconscious and limiting beliefs that prevent us from feeling truly connected to the Divine Self. Without this connection to the Self, we navigate our worlds in faulty ways. We are unaware we are unaware and unconsciously draw into our experiences people who cause us to feel very similarly to the way our caretakers did. We are unknowingly locked inside invisible grids and repeating patterns from the past.

If you are an adult who is suffering from low self esteem, perhaps it is time to ask yourself 'why'.

Why do you think you struggle with self worth?

In many of the cases, our answers lie in our childhood experiences. Without knowing why we feel a certain way, it is all but impossible to heal the way we feel.

If you were neglected, abandoned, criticized, rejected, physically, emotionally or sexually abused in childhood, there is a great chance that you suffer from a low sense of worthiness. And Dear One, that is not your fault.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself and begin understanding how your childhood environment may have impacted your sense of worthiness today, then it is entirely probable you can heal your past.