May 24, 2018

Children of Narcissistic Parents

by Lisa A. Romano

emotional neglectself loveself hatedepressionnarcissistic abuse

It is NOT natural to turn against the self. We must be taught, conditioned, and programmed to believe we are unworthy.

The worst thing that could happen to a human being, is that they become programmed to believe, they are not enough.

When a mind has become convinced that the SELF is irrelevant, the DIVINE human/spiritual/energetic/vibrational vehicle CANNOT operate well.

If rain was battery acid, in spite of the POTENTIAL that is magically encapsulated in GAIA, the earth would die AND that would NOT be the EARTH'S fault. Something OUTSIDE of GAIA has disrupted the DIVINE plan. And so it is with us--wounded ADULT CHILDREN from neglectful homes. It is NOT us--it is what happened TO us. It is NOT us--it is the PROGRAMMING that our young psyches were exposed to on a consistent basis that has taught us--we are not enough.

The ONLY way to heal is to find our way back to LOVE!

May you be BLESSED this year with the COURAGE to learn how to LOVE THE SELF in spite of how deep your PROGRAMMING and PATTERNS of thoughts and behaviors may run.

There is a way out.

 If you have been raised by narcissistic, alcoholic, abusive, or neglectful parents most likely you have grown up and have been conditioned to believe you are NOT enough.

If you have been raised by well-intended parents, who failed to help you learn to believe you ARE enough--and especially when you did NOT meet their expectations, somewhere within you, your beliefs may be turning on the divine self. If you can understand that you are no different than GAIA, meaning, that within you is MIRACULOUS POTENTIAL, and that there is NOTHING wrong with you EXCEPT what happened TO you--there is still time to heal!

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