12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

This program has been created for abused adult children who feel stuck.  

Are you someone who has tried convential therapies and possibly many other therapies, but has discovered that they have offered little relief? Have you been told that all you have to do is forgive, let go, and stop thinking about the past in order to feel better about your life?

Science is proving that what children learn in their childhoods becomes the framework for adult mental thought processes. If we were raised by dysfunctional people, then we have been to taught to think, feel, and behave in ways that do not serve us.  If we have been taught that what we think and feel is irrelevant, then as adults, it will be all but impossible not to experience low self-esteem, tremendous self-doubt, and confusion.  If we cannot value what we think and feel, how then can we ever hope to create abundant and healthy life experiences? We can't and the truth is, that is not our fault.

Children who have been raised by dysfunctional people have been brainwashed to think, feel, and behave dysfunctionally.  Until we as adult children learn the mind skills we need to observe the faulty belief patterns that are stored in our subconscious minds, we will be doomed to repeat all of the negative patterns from out past.  

This 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been designed to help wounded adult children who are awakening to the idea that they are codependent and have suffered from some sort of narcissistic abuse. It is a breakthrough coaching program because it literally teaches you how to BREAKTHROUGH the veil of unconsciousness that has you stuck and repeating patterns of faulty behavior from your past. This program helps you to unwire the dysfunctional programs you learned when you were a powerless child who was impressionable, trusting, and in need of the authorities in your life.  It also helps you rewire your brain with new healthy data.  

Neuroplasticity essentially proves that if you can change a belief you can change the landscape of your brain.  Wounded adult children have brains that have been forced to live in states of survival and this is not our fault.  A child that has suffered from emotional abuse often times experiences post traumatic stress.  Being forced to live in states of survival impacts a child's growing brain.  Living in a state of survival creates patterns of belief and those beliefs dictate human behavior. If you have suffered any kind of abuse in childhood you must know that this is not your fault, but you must also know that your subconscious mind has been downloaded with beliefs that do not serve you. 

To heal from these beliefs we must first become aware of what they are.  This 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program helps you heal those limiting beliefs. Through the video lessons, meditations, and weekly homework assignments your brain will begin to undo the neural pathways that no longer serve you, while at same time begin helping you create new neural associations to healthier beliefs.  

Each week you will receive a new video lesson, meditationa and PDF you can download.  Although this is called The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, once you pay for this program in full you get to keep it for life.

In addition to the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program you will also have the opportunity to join members of the program on Facebook.  

It is my honor and a blessing to be able to offer my life's work to you in this fashion.  This 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is my personal blueprint out of the swamp a codependent mind can be.  In it are all the tools, lessons, and knowledge that I pulled together on my own healing path.  The meditations reinforce the lessons you learn within the videos and the PDF's offer you an overview of the class material contained in each weekly video. I have tried to reinforce the ideas you need to absorb in as many ways possible because I know that repetition, observation, and consistency are the way we all learn best. 

May your mind be transformed on this healing path! 

Children's minds are the product of those who raise them.  As adults we have the right to take our minds back and to decide what we wish to think about ourselves, the world, and thus our fate.