May 24, 2018

Codependent Love Addiction--Attracted to a Narcissist

by Lisa A. Romano

  • Do you struggle with feeling attracted to a narcissist?
  • Are you codependent?
  • Do you seek other people's approval?
  • Have you been raised by people who ignored you, minimized you, or abused you?

If you can figure out why you feel attracted to a narcissist, then you can figure out to stop feeling attracted to a narcissist.

Yep, it's true!

For years I chased after the approval of my ex husband and even when I was a single women, I still attracted narcissistic men.  

Until I broke the CODENDENT CODE.


The REAL me didn't want to be attracted to a narcissist.

The REAL me didn't want to suffer from narcissistic abuse.

The REAL me didn't want to feel addicted to someone who was cruel, vindictive, manipulative, condescending, and suffered from a distorted and superior view of himself.

NO, the real me wanted to be loved and the real me also wanted TO love.

I so hope you enjoy this video I created to help inspire anyone who is feeling addicted to love and addicted to a narcissist.

It's not you--it's only your programming.

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Video about how to stop attracting narcissists here;