May 24, 2018

This Is Your Season--You Were Born of a Virgin--You Were Just Lied To Dear One

by Lisa A. Romano

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This Is Your Season--You Were Born of a Virgin--You Were Just Lied To Dear One

Even the most so called 'normal' families have their fair share of difficulties during the holidays. And for those of us who come from--well--'not so normal' families, the holiday season can be particularly stressful.

The Holiday Myth

Yesterday while running errands at a local grocery store, I found it hard not to feel irritated by the blaring Christmas songs being piped through the overhead speakers. I could barely hear myself think, above the loud sleigh bells. Nearly every person that brushed past me was humming the tune that was playing through the loud speaker. I found myself thinking, "Oh my God. I am surrounded by zombies."

Now, before you go calling me Ms. Scrooge, hear me out. Do you really think retailers care about my Christmas spirit, other than its control over my holiday spending? Come on now...

From the unending Christmas music being blasted through retailers speakers systems, to the waving Santa's on every street corner, the underbelly of this holiday season is about profit. Maybe this isn't such a big issue for one of those folks from a 'normal' family, who is actually looking forward to seeing their family for the holidays, but for those of us from crazy homes, all this profit driven cheer can really mess with our vibrations.

The myth this season as well as during any other retail driven holiday, is that we are supposed to want to be with our families during these times, and we are supposed to be happy about it. But nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, maybe we should be happy, but we certainly don't have to be with our family, and if we do choose to spend the holiday with family, there is no law that says we have to be happy about it either.

The True Reason For The Season

Hey, you're reading my article so I am presuming you innately understand you are reading my humble opinions, and that you are okay with that. My opinion about the true meaning of this season is just that, an opinion.

The true reason, (in my opinion) for this season is to remind ourselves about THE TRUTH--OUR TRUTH.

The story of Christ's birth is about the miracle of life and about being born of a Virgin (Virgo star system), and since we have all obviously been born, the story applies to each of us as well, although most of us have been indoctrinated to believe that we are unlike Christ, since we (the rest of us) have been born with original sin, and Christ was not. Umm...okay...whatever...

The story of Christ minus the rhetoric and propaganda attached to it is quite profound. When I step away from what my Catholic mother and Catholic teachers taught me about the story of Christ, and I integrate what I believe to be true about all men, (we are all one and come from the same place), I can appreciate that the birth of Christ represents my birth, and yours as well.

Umm...What About The Virgin Thing?

Hold onto your hats dear one!

The Latin word for Virgo is VIRGIN. The constellation of stars in our skies called Virgo is associated with purity, maidens, and fertility. This constellation of stars represents harvest, harvesting and alike.

Get this...

  • The Egyptians call this constellation Isis
  • The Indians call this constellation Kanya--mother of Krishna their beloved god
  • The Hindus call this constellation Kauni
  • Persians call this constellation Khosha--the ear of wheat
  • Western mythology refers to this constellation as Astrea-the daughter of Zeus who is known as the goddess of purity and innocence

And in my opinion...

Christians call this constellation Mary--mother of Christ, although they have been programmed to believe that Mary was a real virgin, who somehow became pregnant by the Holy Spirit which created the conception of Christ--the Immaculate Conception.

(Oh boy, I can hear the radical Christians coming for me now.)

The name Mary in Latin means STAR OF THE SEA. Stella Maris is the 'sea star' and is associated with Ursae Minoris, the guiding star that leads to the North Star.

The Symbols Are Right Under Our Noses

Although Christians have been taught that following mystics was a sin, the Virgin Mary, Joseph and the wise men were all following the night sky on the night Christ was born.

Can I get an AMEN?

If you look at the symbols for Mary and for Virgo side by side its easy to see that they are one in the same.

Why Am I Pissed?

I am pissed off because there are millions, perhaps billions of people out there who since their magical birth have been taught that they are not good enough, and certainly not as good as Christ--and yet--when you take the time to peek beyond the veil of indoctrinated fear--you can begin to connect the dots, and when you do, it is hard to believe that many of our religions have NOT been created deliberately to keep men, women and children enslaved within their own beings for the purpose of mass control.

Why Am I Happy?

I am happy because we are living in a time where we can connect through the world wide web and begin to take part in a vibrational revolution! Deeper--dear ones--we have been born of the stars--the heavens--and energy. Our true mother is the universe. Our Western ideas have been corrupted by what I believe are dictators and manipulators hell bent on controlling populations of people for profit!

This Christmas, know that your galactic family celebrates you! You are as bright as any star in the sky dear one--and you owe no one an apology, or an explanation for your existence.

Virgo is your mother, and you, like Christ have been born of a Virgin, the virgin sky!

This year, regardless of where you end up or how many nonsensical gifts you receive or give, in your heart know that you are enough, and that most people around you have no clue about their true nature, where they come from, or how miraculous a being they truly are. This cluelessness of course can make some people unhappy and even dangerous.

When you know the truth--it is so much easier to accept the reality that we are enough--even if the human family system we were born into has no clue about our true Star Family.

For my Christian friends, just know that God created energy, therefore created the stars, and therefore created a birthing place amongst the stars for my birth, your birth, and the birth of all mankind. We truly are one--born of a Virgin--a Virgin in the Sky--therefore we are all it or not.

I like it just fine...because I know the truth...