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Dreams Do Come True

People who are stuck believing they can't make a dream come true, will always poo poo other people's dreams. Unaware they are projecting their own false and limiting beliefs onto others, they fail to understand that we are all co-creating our lives as we go.

As it has been said, "As a man thinks, so is he." "Whether a man thinks he can or cannot, he is right." "Thoughts become things."

To heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse is akin to 'checking every thought that runs through our conscious field' and that is tedious difficult strenuous work, but there is no other way.
What we see on the inside, we see on the outside and dream killers fail to see that when they tell us we can't, they aren't even talking about us, they are talking about themselves.

Today's Love Life Anyway Challenge is to go back in your mind and remember all the times you were really excited about a dream and then a dream killer came along and said something like, "You can't do that! You can't go there! Who is going to buy that? Who is going to believe in that idea? What makes you think you can make that work? Why in the hell would you want to do that, or go there? That's a stupid idea. That will never work. You're crazy. You're just a dreamer."

Why is it important to go back and remember those who tried to piss on your dreams?

Because we need to understand that dreamers change the world and without them, our world would be colorless, small, constricted, and a total and complete mess. Dreamers have desires and those desires help humanity keep up with the expanding universe. Think of every antibiotic, toy, house, building, highway, article of clothing, shoe, and hairstyle; they were all born of a dream first. Everything that your eyes can see, feel, taste, and touch was first born of a desire.

To get unstuck, you Dear One, are going to have to learn to dream again and to protect those dreams from dream killers.

Today, make an inventory list of all the dreams you had and abandoned because a dream killer pissed on you. This will help stir the fire of desire in your gut again, but this time, maybe keep the dream to yourself. Don't share your joy, abundance, and desires with those who have proven to you they cannot support you. Understand that when others tell you they can't, it is because they never will. Also understand, that there are those who fear you flying so high you can touch the sky because below the surface they don't believe they can really fly at all.

Fly anyway dear one!

Dreams come true everyday, but only for those who know when and how to no longer allow fear based dream killers to keep them grounded.

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