May 24, 2018

Codependency Symptoms and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse FREE Webinar

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency#narcissistic abuse recovery

Are you tired of worrying more about how others feel about you than what you feel about you?

Would you like to stop being CODEPENDENT upon others?

Wouldn't it be awesome to LEARN how to FEEL your feelings and set boundaries according to the guidance of your AUTHENTIC SELF?

If so, please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about narcissistic abuse, codependency, and how to heal from the wounds from the past so you can FINALLY feel;

  • comfortable in your own skin
  • like your life is your own
  • as if you can finally live your life your way
  • like you can tell your truth without needing to worry about what other people think or what they will say or do
  • ready to set boundaries
  • like you can leave dysfunctional relationships behind
  • like you are living in alignment with your true purpose
  • like you really are ENOUGH

Narcissistic parents destroy a child's ability to be able to connect to the authentic self and that is NOT their fault.

The effects of narcissistic abuse on children extends long into adulthood and unless the adult child learns HOW TO heal from this type of childhood trauma, sadly, due to the holographic and unconscious nature of reality, patterns of dysfunction simply get repeated way into future generations. 


The 12 Week BREAKTHROUGH Online Coaching Program is my personal BLUEPRINT out of the subconscious, codependent, and narcissistically abused mind.  Because this is an intense program, I moderate it myself along with a team to ensure members feel supported as they learn to;

  • understand what really went wrong in their childhoods
  • face the experiences they were conditioned to deny
  • embrace their trauma rather than push their trauma away
  • validate their inner child's realtiy
  • transcend the overprotective ego
  • merge with Higher Self 

On January 7th2018 at 12 NOON EST,  I will be hosting a FREE LIVE Webinar about healing from narcissistic abuse and codependency, as well as taking your questions about how The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program can help you integrate once and for all.

Please click on the link to register.