May 24, 2018

12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program Relaunches June 1st, 2017

by Lisa A. Romano

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I am very excited to announce that registration has begun for the next Breakthrough Coaching Class.

If you are ready to dig deep and uncover the wounds, ideas, beliefs, and programs that are keeping you stuck, then this program is for you!
The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is essentially my personal blueprint out of the hell a codependent mind can become. It is not your fault if you come from a less than perfect home and you have developed coping skills that have become ingrained in your subconscious mind that no longer serve you. If you had to live in a state of survival as a child, that is not your fault, but unfortunately, unless you actively decide to change the patterns that have developed within you as a result, you will sadly be doomed to repeat your past.

It's not you-it's your programming Dear One. You have been conditioned to fear feeling your feelings and remarkably the only way to live an amazing life is to learn how to 'feel your feelings'. Healing fully, implies that you have learned to not only feel your feelings, but you are able to honor what you feel, even if what you feel pisses other people off. When you have truly integrated mind, body, and soul, you begin living a centered, authentic, more meaningful life experience.

Beginning June 1st, those of you who choose to join me on this amazing adventure, will log into your personal accounts and begin lesson one. You will receive an extraordinarily powerful meditation that correlates directly with the lessons you learned in lesson ones video, as well as begins the deprogramming process. It is not enough to learn new information. You must also unlearn and deprogram the programming and patterns from the past. Never forget Dear One, this is not your fault. You should not have to correct any information in the subconscious mind because you were born enough! However, in the physical world, the world of the material and the illusionary, as newborns we were powerless to the energies we were born into, and as adults, we now have the power to alter our destinies through healing ourselves consciously.

Each week you will receive a video lesson, meditation, and downloadable and printable PDF. You will also be welcomed to our private and then secret Facebook group specifically for your June 2017 class. Feel free to post your comments to our secure online community as well. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. EST, I conduct a Facebook Live Event just for your class. I discuss members progress, address some of their concerns, and do my best to encourage you all as you go through the healing process. Upon graduation, you will be asked to join our Facebook Master 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program Family.