Sep 02, 2021

Finding Your Divine Partner

by Lisa A. Romano

Finding Your Divine Partner

The universe offers us a mirror to what's happening inside of us vibrationally. So if I don't believe any good men exist, I'm not going to find any. I understand that when you have one bad relationship after bad relationship after another, it's tough to believe that there's this amazing person out there that can make you feel good about yourself. But here's the kicker, here's the punchline:

You have to feel good about yourself first. 

Far too often, we enter into relationships thinking, "This person's going to fulfil me. And all I have to do is become the version of the woman he wants me to be, and everything will be all right." 

“The problem is, dear ladies, is that you are disowning yourself.”

You have to be honest with yourself. When you enter into a relationship thinking, "I'll figure out what kind of woman he wants to be with, and I'll just become that," in time, you feel so isolated and so lonely, and you feel so abandoned thinking that he abandoned you. 

‘“But the reality is, you abandoned yourself.”

So the goal really is to learn how to heal from this emotional trauma that keeps resurfacing in our life. If you are codependent, there is a way out. Trust me; I have found the way out. I stayed very close to the recovery path. I set my intention every single day. I read, I journal, I meditate so that my mind will stay clear. I have to deal with emotional triggers, just like everybody else. But I want to live in a high vibration. And that's a choice.

So if you want to attract your divine mate, remember your divine mate resonates on a high frequency. 

Are you someone who holds onto a grudge because that's going to affect your energy? And you'll say, "Oh look, this is why I can't get ahead." But what's really going on is that you haven't been able to let go of a lot of the burdens keeping you from really expanding in your life. So these are really serious conversations to have with yourself, but they're worth having. The reality is that you are enough, and we all carry emotional baggage. And we're all trying to find relationships that fit. We all want to feel loved. We all want to feel seen. We all want to feel heard.

The more love you give yourself, the more love you bring into yourself, the more you let go of negative things in your life that you can't control anyway, the more you come correct, the more you attract people who are doing the same thing. 

And in relationships, we're only able to work this stuff out when the relationships are safe, when the relationships are nurturing, compatible relationships with someone willing to stick it out with us in the long run. 

That exists for you, but to get there, you have to start paying attention when you think someone might be wasting your time. 

And if you'd like to learn about how you can break free and breakthrough codependency, check out my 12-week Breakthrough Coaching Program. In this breakthrough coaching program, I give you the tools to help you uncover the subconscious programs that keep you stuck. So we dive deep into healing the inner child. We unlearn the codependency patterns, and we pattern our mind and our hearts for a completely different resonance for a completely different vibration.

We create brain coherence, and we create heart-brain coherence. And before long, we find out that there really is a way to heal from the past and to manifest the life we've always desired. You can create your life on purpose when you know how. 

Namaste everybody, until the next time.

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