May 24, 2018

Finding Your Authentic Self

by Lisa A. Romano

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On August 10th, 2017 I will be conducting a FREE webinar at 6:00 p.m. EST, I will be discussing codependency, childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, and why it is so important to heal our past wounds if we are wishing to live an authentic life.

If you wish to live an authentic life, you must be willing to be the REAL YOU, vulnerabilities, wounds, scars, fears, and all.  Wounded adult children, who have suffered from lifetimes of childhood trauma, often times are frozen in time.  Because no one ever taught them how to process their emotions, and because abused children are powerless to fight or flee their experiences, many of them suffer from a sense of feeling frozen. 

Many abused adult children feel stuck, numb, and dissociated from their emotional experiences. While this is not their fault, without learning how to 'thaw out' and heal from trauma, many of us stay stuck, repeat the patterns from our past, suffer from depression, rage, anger, love addiction, codependency, fear, guilt, shame, and chronic illnesses as well. 

I was frozen for many years, unaware I was unaware, and repeating the patterns from my past.  With all of my might I wished to live from my soul, but had no clue how to embrace the me I didn't think was good enough.

On the road to recovery, I decided to take on a 'survivor mindset' which meant that no matter what happened to me in my life, I was going to refuse to give up.  No matter what anyone said, and no matter how hard my ex, or anyone else that I knew tried to get me to stop moving forward with my life, I absolutely refused to quit. I might have stumbled and fallen along the way, but there was no chance I wasn't going to get back up again.

I have created a transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Healing Program that I believe can help you get in touch with your true authentic self.  I believe, if you work this program, this program will work for you.

If you are ready to finally figure out how to 'thaw out' and face what you need to face to get unstuck and connect with your authentic self, please join me on August 10th, 2017 to learn more about this life changing online program.

All my love, 

Lisa A. Romano

The Breakthrough Life Coach