Jan 13, 2021

Outsmart a Narcissist

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency #narcissism #narcissist
When dealing with someone with high narcissistic traits, it can be awfully tempting to defend, lash out, and even fall apart after having to interact with them. Some of the telltale signs you're dealing with a narcissist reveal themselves in how you feel when you are with them and how you feel once they are gone.
When in the presence of someone toxic, you may feel on guard, hypervigilant, fearful, and as if you need to walk around on eggshells. If the narcissist is accusatory, you may feel confused and experience brain fog. You may find your thoughts trapped within a maze of ricocheting thoughts and discover you are experiencing an intense need to escape asap.
When you are away from someone who is highly narcissistic, you will feel drained and relieved you are no longer in the presence of someone who needs to be right, make others wrong, and who needs to believe in their superiority over you in order to feel in control of their emotions.
In lots of cases, the best thing you can do is find as many ways as possible to be a complete BORE to someone who requires constant ego-stroking, hand-holding, and constant recognition.
Sure, they'll call you boring, and tell others there is something wrong with you since you refused to give in to their need to have you admire them, but hey, that's actually a good thing.
When you refuse to play by the narcissist's rules, and they find you absolutely boring, that is a homerun!