May 24, 2018

Having Faith Amidst Terror In The World

by Lisa A. Romano

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Dear Ones,

I was not planning on posting or making a video this week, but I have felt compelled to change my mind and to address the global situation that has so many of us, and especially we empaths on edge.

I do not wish to speak directly of the tragedy, because I wish to shed love and light on this situation like one would spread a blanket over a chair.  It is not about the chair, or the blanket.  It is about containing the response to the chair, and about learning how to manage our emotions during times of great stress.

Make no mistake.  There is a mass consciousness all have the ability to tap into.  If this mass consciousness was one of love and of light, that would be a wonderful thing.  But because we are in a third dimensional reality, most beings alive today are very easily swept up in events they cannot control.

It is important that those of us who see ourselves as keepers of the light, hold true to energetic frequencies that buck fear, pain, and terror.  It is of great importance to our planet, as well as to us as individuals to pay strict attention to 'how we feel."

We help humanity when we stay true to our divine nature.  We are all beings of light, but that does not mean that all beings are light. Some beings are not aware of their divine nature--and have been manipulated by dark beings who hold tremendous power.  Beings who suffer with feelings of powerlessness are much easier swayed than a being who knows his/her true organic nature.  In this 3D world, it is a fact that some are dark beings, and work like sorcerers to bring tragedy to innocent people, who seek to disrupt society, who clammer for attention, and wish to grip the world of fear.

It is of the utmost important that we--the truth seekers--the codependents and empaths who are incredibly susceptible to the energies of others, and particularly to pain, understand how crucial it is to keep our hearts pure, especially now.  Be mindful of what data you allow to be downloaded into your subconscious and conscious minds.  Be selective in what words you use to describe how you feel.

If you remain true to the light, you will transcend the terror and escape the hidden agenda that has been unleashed on our planet.  The hidden agenda is to strike fear in the heart of men, women and children.  If you remain true to your divine, inner light, and you meditate, contemplate, engage in yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi and alike, you will ride out this storm soon enough, and walk away with a deeper understanding of humanity, and your true power.

You, me, us, all people are manipulated through the emotional body.

During this crisis, I ask that you remove yourself from data, images, and conversations that strike fear in your being.  Honor your inner light dear one...

Nurture your emotional body at this time, more than any other--so to avoid getting swept up in the world's addiction to pain, suffering and revenge.

Stay true to the light dear ones!!!


Your sister of the light...