May 24, 2018

Law of Attraction Nonsense

by Lisa A. Romano



  • That's right--it's all bullshit.
  • Nothing we believe in is what it appears to be.
  • We are not born awake--we are not born at all until we awaken to our divine selves.
  • Our flesh enters this space--but our minds are asleep--unborn--and unawakened--and spellbound by the world of materialism and illusions.
  • Only those with ears to hear this truth will be able to process this message.
  • This is NOT a criticism...this is just a fact.
  • If you are meant to awaken you will--and one day you shall know that all that you see is but a projection of what information has been impressed upon your subconscious mind by OTHERS.

What we think--we do not think--we regurgitate--UNTIL we learn to think for ourselves.

The universe is magnificent and magical even. Walt Disney was right.

"When you wish upon a star anything you dream can come to you" BUT only IF you are in total vibrational alignment and agreement with what you are wishing for.

  • Jesus was right too. "Ask and it shall be given", but you gotta walk by faith and not by sight as well.
  • Buddha, yep, that guy was onto something as well..."What we think we become."
  • Ever hear of Henry Ford? He said, "Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right."

What all of these wise teachers are saying is, if you are NOT in total faith of what you desire--you are wasting your time. To manifest--you must be 100% in vibrational attunement with what you desire.

It is so unfair to think, that those of us who lived in screwed up situations as kids--whose heads--hearts--and bodies were forced to live in states of constriction--grow up--feeling stuck--depressed--and unworthy--AND THEN as adults--by the laws that govern time and space--we unconsciously attract, like moths to a flame--situations and experiences that mirror our childhood hardships.


  • We want love--yet fail to achieve it.
  • We want success--but nothing works out for us.
  • We want to love others--but the chances slip through our fingers.
  • We want peace--but we attract utter chaos...
  • WTF???

And then--one day--we have an epiphany. Someone says something--someone does something--we read something--we see something--or we hear something...we stop--we listen--we breath and all of a sudden the wheels in our mind start churning in a different direction.


The law of attraction is NOT just about the new freaking story I am trying to tell?


The law of attraction is responding to the way I feel--and NOT the way I think?


The law of attraction is NOT interested in what I say--but can only hear what I feel? It can only pick up on sonar? It does not care about my words--it can only hear the sonar signals associated with my words?


Dear One--guess what?

  • Your parents were wrong--your freaking feelings matter!!!!!!!
  • Your narc ex--was wrong--your freaking feelings matter!!!!!!

Do you want magic in your life?

Well, you can have it--but not until you heal the wounds that are keeping you stuck.


Because our unhealed wounds are sending out a war cry--and the universe is listening.

Heal first--manifest later...

This is the way--

There is no easy fix and I don't care what leader, guru, or teacher out there is saying there is...

Don't feel guilty if you've been thinking happy thoughts and your life still sucks...there are way too many people out there misdirecting others--suggesting that all we have to do is tell a different story and the silver Porsche is going to mysteriously roll onto our driveway.


Focus on how you feel Dear One--accept what is--tell the true story first--