May 24, 2018

What is the Meaning of Life?

by Lisa A. Romano

meaning of life

We all have more than one side.

We are all conscious as well as unconscious.

We are all our current ages, but within us resides our two-year-old and seventeen-year-old selves as well. We are here and we are there. We are in the present, and yet within us we carry our pasts, all the while creating our future.

We all still carry within us our twelve-year-old self who struggles with knowing who we are, with feeling worthy, and who wonders 'what the hell the meaning of life is all about anyway.'

We are all our wounded egos as well as our divine self.

We all have talents and we all have flaws.

We have all had great successes as well as great failures.

We are all stuck in some ways and moving along in others.

We have all done good and we have all done bad.

We have all told the truth and we have all lied.

And perhaps the most profound contrasting truth of all is the fact that we are all living as well as dying right here and right now.

Now before you start feeling all depressed and crap, I want you to understand very clearly the power you hold within you in this PRECISE moment.

Yes, our time here is limited. Yes, all human beings transition eventually. It is what it is. Every tree, every sunflower, and every hummingbird shall succumb to the natural laws that govern this earth. 'Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.'

You have incarnated on this planet for one reason only and that is to attune yourself, mind--body--soul--and energy body with the silent guidance only you can hear and feel--from within. You have come to shush the voices from the material world and to connect deeply with your personal divinity that flows through your veins and speaks to you through the language of desires and dreams.

People ask, "Where is God?" and yet, God is everywhere and even in you. Yes, God is speaking to you--are you listening?

We tend to forget that humanity is full of contrast as well. When it comes to the natural laws that govern this universe, we must consider momentum. We must understand that people of like mind, healthy or not, are quantified energy. When there is fear and there is a lack of faith, only fear can win. Where there is lots of fear, where there is lots of anger, where there is lots of judgment, where there is lots of resistance, there can only be destruction.

However, where there is acceptance, surrender, non-resistance, and where there is a commitment to self-love and self-compassion, there is the meaning of life. Where there is lots of love, where there is lots of surrender, where there is lots of acceptance, there is quantified love and light energy as well.

Open your mind--and refuse to allow someone else's perception of God to fog your RIGHT to connect to the God-self within you! Do not allow the darkness of others from your past to impede your right to know that in spite of perhaps learning to believe you were not worthy--that the truth is--you are a gift and you are worthy.

Do not allow some other person's, or some institution's perception of God hinder your ability to understand that YOU are an extension of the same creator that created all that is. The same life force that is alive in Mother Earth, that is responsible for the changing of the seasons and for the magnetism between the earth and the sun--is in YOU!

Hear Me--the same silent guidance that instructs the tides and alerts birds to know when it is time to fly South--is speaking to you too!

Are you listening?

Your desires--your dreams--this is God's voice urging you to blossom and to bloom--and it is the same voice that encourages a rose to rise up--to reach towards the sun--and to stretch until it can stretch no more.

When you blend--when you integrate--when you learn to heal the contrast--when you learn to heal the divide between your subconscious and conscious mind--when you no longer try to serve two masters, fear and love--when you only choose LOVE--when you learn what it means to be in the world but no longer of the world--when you refuse to fall asleep any longer--when you COMMIT to self-awareness--when you KNOW in your HEART that you are an extension of the source of CREATION itself--you are healing the contrast that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

This is a free will zone. You get to choose whether you listen to your guidance and follow your desires, or not.

Bit by bit--day by day--false belief after false belief--we learn to believe we are enough--we heal the contrast that has plagued man for so long--and we become the creators we were born to be--in spite of what has been. We embody our true self--in flesh--and by doing so we honor the creator of all that is.

You are enough!