Healing The Adult Child of an Alcoholic--Leaving the ACoA Label Behind--Tapping Into The Warrior SELF

If you were raised by an alcoholic, then you were failed.

YOU DID NOT FAIL; your alcoholic failed you.

If your father was an alcoholic--and your mother enabled him--and taught you to tone yourself down for the sake of NOT rocking the boat--then YOU were denied the connection to Warrior Self you deserved.

It must be understood and accepted by the conscious and unconscious mind. To read these above statements and to just contemplate them for one second or two--will not be enough to counter the millions of imprinted pieces of negative data that have been inputed into your subconscious mind since your birth--and quite possibly--while even in utero.

If you are the adult child of an alcoholic--you have quite literally been programmed to think in self defeating ways.


What you observe in childhood good or bad, healthy or not gets imprinted upon a child's innocent, and 'in the state of learning' blank brain.

Whatever the child experiences in childhood--and especially...

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Codependency and Boundary Workshop on Mp3 Available Now

If you were unable to attend our live workshop call on Codependency and Boundary building, you can download this Mp3 now.

Codependency is rooted in a lack of self. When you are raised by people who fail to validate you psychologically, you are programmed to be detached from the self. Because you are stuck seeking your parents validation, and because you never received it, your adult life tends to become one of enmeshment. It seems you are on a never ending journey in search of acceptance, belonging and validation.

I created this workshop to help people learn 'how to' take back their personal power, so that they could begin defining their own boundary lines. Without a solid understanding of the self, it is impossible to be authentic in relationships and to protect oneself from emotional vampires. Because this is an attraction based universe, and because like attract likes, when you are a codependent who lacks a self--you can only attract a being who is incapable of seeing you as...

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What is Codependency

Please enjoy this video that can help demystify 'what codependency is'.

  • Do you wonder what codependency is?
  • Do you struggle to understand what it means to be codependent?
  • Do you wish you understand what codependency is?

Many of us do not feel seen.  We do not feel like we are enough.  We do not feel like we are visible to others and that is NOT our fault.  

Were you raised by;

  • people who ignored you
  • people who violated you
  • people who exploited your wounds

Were you brainwashed to believe;

  • your feelings don't matter
  • that what other people think about you is more important than what you think about you
  • you should NEVER rock the boat
  • that if you speak up and ask for things that you are SELFISH

If so you are not alone.

Please enjoy this video I created back in 2013 that helps explain what codependency is, and why it is, we can become codependent.


And if you are interested in joining me for my next 12 Week Breakthrough Group, you can...

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