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Codependent Adult Children of Alcoholics--Taking A Toxic Vibrational Fast--Easy Pass To Healing

We Adult Children of Alcoholics in most cases have surrounded ourselves with toxic others. Our emotional set points are also our vibrational set points, or what I like to call our 'attracting points.' Very much like a radio station we have preset in our car, whatever vibrational frequency we were tuned to as children is the vibrational frequency we attract as adults. Perhaps the characters in our lives today are not called mom and dad, but the characters in our adult lives will no doubt be very close energetic beings to the people who raised us.

It is not uncommon for a son or a daughter who grew up with an alcoholic father or mother to attract an alcoholic as a mate. So Dear One, if this is your situation, do not criticize self for this attraction situation. You are simply exemplifying a fairly simply universal law. Like energy beings attract like energy beings, and at any point in time you can shift your point of attraction.


I hear some of you wondering, "But I hated my...

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