Attract True Love

People often ask me what real love feels like.

I get it.

Hard to describe what a strawberry milkshake tastes like unless you've experienced strawberries.

Real love feels like looking out your kitchen window at 7 am to see your beloved digging into potting soil and planting flowers you love to surprise you and because he'd rather his hands get dirty than yours.

Imagine feeling seen that way.

Love feels like compassion. It feels safe. It feels like you know someone has your back. It feels like a partnership.

It does not feel abrasive, frightening, rigid, inflexible, like a power-play, domineering, minimizing, or condescending.

Love feels patient, even when you are in the wrong--your partner does not seek your mistakes as opportunities to kick you when you are down.

Love feels forgiving, understanding, and allows for partners to make (non-deal-breaker types of) mistakes without a need to prove our point, rant, rage, and take advantage of our partner's not so finest moments.

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