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Getting past a bad breakup is challenging especially when you are in relationship withdrawal

Getting past a bad breakup due to relationship love addiction is challenging especially when you are in relationship withdrawal. Love addiction and relationship withdrawal is a real thing and when you suffer from love addiction, breakups in relationships can make you feel like you are dying.
Not all breakups are equal. Many breakups hurt more deeply than others and especially if you have suffered abandonment in your childhood. Relationship addiction, love addiction, and codependency are tied to abandonment. If you are experiencing relationship withdrawal, ask yourself, "Have I experienced emotional neglect, childhood abuse, or any form of narcissistic abuse in my past?"
Relationship addiction, love addiction, and relationship withdrawal hurt deeply and can often be more difficult to recover from than other addictions. IMHO relationship withdrawal hurts deeply especially if you have experienced abandonment trauma in your childhood. Abandonment trauma can cause us to...
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Relationship Addiction

Many of us are addicted to something, whether that is a relationship, Facebook, Instagram, television, food, anger, sex, shopping, alcohol, drugs, or our phones.

Many of us are running away from an emptiness we cannot name and in the busying ourselves with OUTSIDE things, we get to evade the pang of that emptiness.

Hence, why so many of us are codependent.

When we are in relationships that are unhealthy, we may not realize how the dynamics help us avoid something much deeper. When we are in painful relationships, we often fail to acknowledge the addictive cycle that emerges and how that cycle serves our brain's need to avoid pain.

Staying in unhealthy relationships allows us to avoid the pain of our own abandonment trauma and the debilitating shame that accompanies that trauma. The more chaotic the relationship, the less time or need we have to go within.

When we are trying to kick any addiction, we must acknowledge that doing so will present us with a tremendous feeling of LOSS....

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