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What is the Meaning of Life?

We all have more than one side.

We are all conscious as well as unconscious.

We are all our current ages, but within us resides our two-year-old and seventeen-year-old selves as well. We are here and we are there. We are in the present, and yet within us we carry our pasts, all the while creating our future.

We all still carry within us our twelve-year-old self who struggles with knowing who we are, with feeling worthy, and who wonders 'what the hell the meaning of life is all about anyway.'

We are all our wounded egos as well as our divine self.

We all have talents and we all have flaws.

We have all had great successes as well as great failures.

We are all stuck in some ways and moving along in others.

We have all done good and we have all done bad.

We have all told the truth and we have all lied.

And perhaps the most profound contrasting truth of all is the fact that we are all living as well as dying right here and right now.

Now before you start feeling all depressed and crap, I...

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