Healing Mantra

Happy New Year Dear Ones!

Did you know that all children who ever felt disconnected and NOT attuned to were conditioned to live in a state of survival?

Did you know that a child's brain is in a state of rapid growth in the first year of life and that being born to dysfunctional parents and chaotic conditions literally wire a child's stress response system to be hypersensitive?

Every single one of us makes sense.  For lifetimes, people have struggled with wondering why they felt the way they do.  I remember judging myself mercilessly because I had anxiety and suffered panic attacks.  I remember loathing myself and the terrible way in which I would berate myself as I felt a panic attack coming on. 

But those days are long gone.  I am not saying I never have a bad day. I am saying, however, that my mind is far clearer these days, and that even when my emotions are high, I have learned how to pull my focus back into my body without judgment.  Because I...

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