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Mother's Energy Either Creates or Destroys Her Innocent Angelic Human Creation

Some of us have been lucky. Our parents were open enough emotionally to allow authentic love to come through their heart chakra's and connect with ours. Some of us have known since the moment of our birth, we were wanted, appreciated, and loved.

But what about those of us who felt unwanted, like a burden, as if we were just in the way, and made to feel guilty for being born?

What happens to a child's ever developing sense of self, when they are bombarded day in and day out with the sense that who they are on a quantum level--is not worthy of being validated?

Do I sound like I am bringing the hammer down on parents?


Because I am.

There is no job more important than that of a mother or father. There is nothing more important in a parent's life than how that parent is able to make his/her child feel about Self. There is no job, no relationship, no house, no public honor, no goal more important in this world--than a parent's responsibility to ensure that their child knows...

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