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Sympathy is about us and empathy is about the other

Imagine if, the entire world and everyone in it knew how not to make what other people felt, believed, or perceived about them.
Imagine if, every person in the world, could empathize with others, while at the same time, disagree without judgment, condemnation, fear, or criticism.
Imagine if, we all had the ability to tell the difference between sympathy and empathy.
Sympathy is about us and empathy is about the other.
Sympathy and pity are about OUR feelings about someone else, while empathy is our ability to emotionally invest in the OTHER person's reality without trying to fix it, change it, alter it, add to it or take from it.
Affective empathy means I have the ability to respond with appropriate emotions to the emotions of another, while cognitive empathy means I have the ability to imagine why a person is having their particular emotional experience.
Empathy is NOT about is about YOU...and my ability to emotionally respond...
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How can we be happy?

To be really happy, we have to learn how to follow our own way.
To be really happy, we have to learn to love the self, and others, without needing and relying on other's approval, validation, and love.
When we are attached to the need to find our self worth and direction in life to what other people think, we cut ourselves off at our spiritual knees.
You are enough, and your spirit needs you to mentally, psychologically, and spiritually detach from any need to make what other people think about you more important than what you think about you.
Codependency is a dis-ease of body, mind, and soul. It is invisible and yet impacts every thought, intention, emotion, decision, and action we take.
Until we awaken and find those links that stink in your subconscious mind, that have you waiting for someone else to give you permission to be YOU, we all stay STUCK.
I hope these self-inquiring questions can help.
What kinds of questions do...
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Children of Narcissistic Parents

It is NOT natural to turn against the self. We must be taught, conditioned, and programmed to believe we are unworthy.

The worst thing that could happen to a human being, is that they become programmed to believe, they are not enough.

When a mind has become convinced that the SELF is irrelevant, the DIVINE human/spiritual/energetic/vibrational vehicle CANNOT operate well.

If rain was battery acid, in spite of the POTENTIAL that is magically encapsulated in GAIA, the earth would die AND that would NOT be the EARTH'S fault. Something OUTSIDE of GAIA has disrupted the DIVINE plan. And so it is with us--wounded ADULT CHILDREN from neglectful homes. It is NOT us--it is what happened TO us. It is NOT us--it is the PROGRAMMING that our young psyches were exposed to on a consistent basis that has taught us--we are not enough.

The ONLY way to heal is to find our way back to LOVE!

May you be BLESSED this year with the COURAGE to learn how to LOVE THE SELF in spite of how deep your...

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