10 Most Influential People 2020 a Word of Thanks

Honored to be Voted as Among the 10 Most Influential People 

So, all those years ago, a college dropout, divorced, single mother of three, codependent, and often pathetic, I had no clue that one day this could happen;
When I opened my computer this morning, I was not expecting that my name would be included in the Top 10 Most Influential People, alongside those like Jay Shetty, but man, did it feel good! In fact, my name was listed at the number one spot, although that might not matter at all, it still is incredibly rewarding.
Why am I telling you this?
Do you think I am bragging?
I share because I want you to believe that if you have a passion and if you are willing to put effort into that passion, and if you refuse to make excuses for why things don’t happen and instead you keep looking for a way to make happen what you want to happen, in time, because it is the law, momentum will one day...
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