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Gaslighting Narcissist

Gaslighting Narcissist 


Narcissists are cunning, manipulative and exploitive.

They seek those who are agreeable, kind, empathic, and often in emotional pain to dominate and control. It is never the fault of someone whose emotions were exploited by a narcissist, when they find their minds have been scrambled like eggs by a predatory type personality, period!
Gaslighting is utter abuse at every possible level.
A narcissist will gain your trust, draw you in, become everything they have learned YOU need, and once you are dependent upon them for all of your emotional needs, they've got YOU!
A narcissist will brainwash you over time to believe that YOU are the one with the problem. Since they have convinced you -- you should trust them, you do, but what you don't see is how they, at the same time have manipulated you to feel insecure about your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and decisions.
Double Jeopardy has begun!
If you...
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Codependency is Living in the Past

Codependency Recovery 

When you are codependent, your mind is living in the past. All of the survival techniques you learned as a child, keep you on the codependent -- narcissistic treadmill, unaware you are dancing with another unaware dance partner. Two wounded peas in a pod, rinse, repeat and recycle patterns from the past; patterns that were based on trauma, abuse, neglect and rooted in survival.
Narcissists don't always know they are narcissists. They may know they are selfish, callous, and short tempered, but they often quickly justify, and rationalize their lack of empathy for how their razor edged tongues and cold hearts impact other people. They are quick to hush guilt away and to silence the whispers of the conscience.
If a narcissist steps on your toes, it will be your fault, and if you are highly sensitive to abandonment, you are the one who offers the standard, "Oh I am sorry. Please forgive me." The narcissist will remain in the lead as...
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Codependency Symptoms and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse FREE Webinar

Are you tired of worrying more about how others feel about you than what you feel about you?

Would you like to stop being CODEPENDENT upon others?

Wouldn't it be awesome to LEARN how to FEEL your feelings and set boundaries according to the guidance of your AUTHENTIC SELF?

If so, please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about narcissistic abuse, codependency, and how to heal from the wounds from the past so you can FINALLY feel;

  • comfortable in your own skin
  • like your life is your own
  • as if you can finally live your life your way
  • like you can tell your truth without needing to worry about what other people think or what they will say or do
  • ready to set boundaries
  • like you can leave dysfunctional relationships behind
  • like you are living in alignment with your true purpose
  • like you really are ENOUGH

Narcissistic parents destroy a child's ability to be able to connect to the authentic self and that is NOT their fault.

The effects of narcissistic...

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