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Death Comes for us All--Live Before You Die

When I was in my early thirties my sister in law passed away. She was 28 years old. A few years later, when I was 37, one of my best friends died suddenly, without warning. Each of these women left behind two small children.

The most amazing thing was, life went on. Each time I sat through the moments of processing these deaths, I felt as if the world should stop spinning, but it never did. Their kids woke up the next morning and had breakfast, played video games, and put on their socks. Their husbands eventually returned to work and the kids went back to school.

Many years later, the children of these young women have graduated college and have begun dating. Rarely do we speak of my sister in law and my dear friend anymore, although my home office has a number of pictures of my friend Cathy hanging on the walls. I think of them and their lives often. Their passings taught me to appreciate the fragility of life and sobered me up to the idea that our life here is limited. Both deaths...

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What is the Meaning of Life?

We all have more than one side.

We are all conscious as well as unconscious.

We are all our current ages, but within us resides our two-year-old and seventeen-year-old selves as well. We are here and we are there. We are in the present, and yet within us we carry our pasts, all the while creating our future.

We all still carry within us our twelve-year-old self who struggles with knowing who we are, with feeling worthy, and who wonders 'what the hell the meaning of life is all about anyway.'

We are all our wounded egos as well as our divine self.

We all have talents and we all have flaws.

We have all had great successes as well as great failures.

We are all stuck in some ways and moving along in others.

We have all done good and we have all done bad.

We have all told the truth and we have all lied.

And perhaps the most profound contrasting truth of all is the fact that we are all living as well as dying right here and right now.

Now before you start feeling all depressed and crap, I...

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Self Love

Do you...

  • struggle with feeling invisible?
  • tend to attract narcissistic and abusive partners?
  • cater to the needs of others?
  • fear speaking up and telling your truth?

If so you're not alone.

Many people are unaware as to why they do what they do.  Most of us do not realize we are 95% unconscious and only 5% concsious and that almost all of what we think, both conscious and unconscious is negative.

We See What We Believe

Whatever you have been conditoned to believe about the self as a child, has now become the filter in which you perceive your self.  

Were you...

  • taught to believe your feelings don't matter?
  • taught to believe what other people thought about you was more important than what you thought about you?
  • taught to fear making other people angry?
  • taught to ignore your wants, your dreams, and your desires?

If any of this is true, you may not realize the subconscious paradigms these experiences have created within you.

The Good News

The good news is...

  • the...
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Law of Attraction Nonsense


  • That's right--it's all bullshit.
  • Nothing we believe in is what it appears to be.
  • We are not born awake--we are not born at all until we awaken to our divine selves.
  • Our flesh enters this space--but our minds are asleep--unborn--and unawakened--and spellbound by the world of materialism and illusions.
  • Only those with ears to hear this truth will be able to process this message.
  • This is NOT a criticism...this is just a fact.
  • If you are meant to awaken you will--and one day you shall know that all that you see is but a projection of what information has been impressed upon your subconscious mind by OTHERS.

What we think--we do not think--we regurgitate--UNTIL we learn to think for ourselves.

The universe is magnificent and magical even. Walt Disney was right.

"When you wish upon a star anything you dream can come to you" BUT only IF you are in total vibrational alignment and agreement with what you are wishing for.

  • Jesus was right too. "Ask and it shall be given", but you...
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What is Codependency

Please enjoy this video that can help demystify 'what codependency is'.

  • Do you wonder what codependency is?
  • Do you struggle to understand what it means to be codependent?
  • Do you wish you understand what codependency is?

Many of us do not feel seen.  We do not feel like we are enough.  We do not feel like we are visible to others and that is NOT our fault.  

Were you raised by;

  • people who ignored you
  • people who violated you
  • people who exploited your wounds

Were you brainwashed to believe;

  • your feelings don't matter
  • that what other people think about you is more important than what you think about you
  • you should NEVER rock the boat
  • that if you speak up and ask for things that you are SELFISH

If so you are not alone.

Please enjoy this video I created back in 2013 that helps explain what codependency is, and why it is, we can become codependent.

And if you are interested in joining me for my next 12 Week Breakthrough Group, you can...

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Codependent Love Addiction--Attracted to a Narcissist

  • Do you struggle with feeling attracted to a narcissist?
  • Are you codependent?
  • Do you seek other people's approval?
  • Have you been raised by people who ignored you, minimized you, or abused you?

If you can figure out why you feel attracted to a narcissist, then you can figure out to stop feeling attracted to a narcissist.

Yep, it's true!

For years I chased after the approval of my ex husband and even when I was a single women, I still attracted narcissistic men.  

Until I broke the CODENDENT CODE.


The REAL me didn't want to be attracted to a narcissist.

The REAL me didn't want to suffer from narcissistic abuse.

The REAL me didn't want to feel addicted to someone who was cruel, vindictive, manipulative, condescending, and suffered from a distorted and superior view of himself.

NO, the real me wanted to be loved and the real me also wanted TO love.

I so hope you enjoy this video I created to help inspire...

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The Voice of Childhood Trauma

  • Do you remember how you felt when you were being abused, abandoned, neglected and ignored? 
  • Do you remember the comments that were made inside your own mind when you were being abused?

All children assume blame and responsibility for how they are treated as children.


Our simple brains trick us into forgetting what it was like when we were small. Our brains are designed to keep us in the here and the now. We focus on the minutia of the current day and rarely take the time to remember how we felt when we were small, powerless, and unable to speak up for ourselves.

Now is an illusion. Now is a blend of every moment and breath of our yesterdays. The future is an illusion too unless you can awaken and begin to understand that how your mind operates today is the result of what happened to you when you were the most impressionable.

When children are being abused, they don't think, "Wow, my parents are out of control here. Mom is drinking again and dad is full of rage because...

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Codependency Symptoms and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse FREE Webinar

Are you tired of worrying more about how others feel about you than what you feel about you?

Would you like to stop being CODEPENDENT upon others?

Wouldn't it be awesome to LEARN how to FEEL your feelings and set boundaries according to the guidance of your AUTHENTIC SELF?

If so, please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about narcissistic abuse, codependency, and how to heal from the wounds from the past so you can FINALLY feel;

  • comfortable in your own skin
  • like your life is your own
  • as if you can finally live your life your way
  • like you can tell your truth without needing to worry about what other people think or what they will say or do
  • ready to set boundaries
  • like you can leave dysfunctional relationships behind
  • like you are living in alignment with your true purpose
  • like you really are ENOUGH

Narcissistic parents destroy a child's ability to be able to connect to the authentic self and that is NOT their fault.

The effects of narcissistic...

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Children of Narcissistic Parents

It is NOT natural to turn against the self. We must be taught, conditioned, and programmed to believe we are unworthy.

The worst thing that could happen to a human being, is that they become programmed to believe, they are not enough.

When a mind has become convinced that the SELF is irrelevant, the DIVINE human/spiritual/energetic/vibrational vehicle CANNOT operate well.

If rain was battery acid, in spite of the POTENTIAL that is magically encapsulated in GAIA, the earth would die AND that would NOT be the EARTH'S fault. Something OUTSIDE of GAIA has disrupted the DIVINE plan. And so it is with us--wounded ADULT CHILDREN from neglectful homes. It is NOT us--it is what happened TO us. It is NOT us--it is the PROGRAMMING that our young psyches were exposed to on a consistent basis that has taught us--we are not enough.

The ONLY way to heal is to find our way back to LOVE!

May you be BLESSED this year with the COURAGE to learn how to LOVE THE SELF in spite of how deep your...

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Do you have an aging Narcissistic Parent?

Do you find that their symptoms are worsening over time?

If so, you're not alone.

Narcissists who have learned to feel in control by controlling and manipulating others, who, as they age, begin to comprehend that they no longer have the power over others or of life they once had, can exhibit worsening symptoms as they age.

Please ejnoy this video on narcissistic aging parents. It is a personal account of what I am going through at the moment within my own family of origin.

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