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Until we face our inner wounds, we stay stuck

Wounded daughters often enmesh with their mothers and fail to acknowledge the deep painful consequences a mother’s abandonment and rejection can cause.
This inability to acknowledge the wounds within, keeps daughters codependent, enabling, rescuing, fixing, and denying the need to stop catering to dysfunctional mothers who have failed to heal themselves, or who refuse to acknowledge their own need for healing.
Every son and every daughter needs to make the psychological and emotional break, that frees them of the fear of their mother’s abandonment.
Until we face our inner wounds, we stay stuck, codependent and rescuing mothers that have failed to rescue us. This dynamic keeps us in the rescuer role, parentified, and unable to create the distance we need in order to successfully learn to love the self.
Enmeshment is where we lose ourselves to fantasies about one day finally being able to be 'good enough' for the type of mother love we always craved.
As we grow in...
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If we want to find relationships that work, then we have to start by being FAIR

If it was easy to have healthy balanced relationships, everyone we know would be doing it, including ourselves.

The reality is, people are human, most of them are asleep to some degree, and all of us have subconscious wounds we carry, whether we are aware of them or not. This means that when we meet someone, it is HIGHLY unrealistic to presume that they will never hurt our feelings, say something that will piss us off, or meet every one of our needs every time we have a need that needs to get met. It is just as unrealistic to presume we will not offend someone we care about, no matter how hard we try.

If we want to find relationships that work, then we have to start by being FAIR. We aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else. We don’t read minds and neither do most people we meet, although often, we expect people to know precisely what we need even if we don’t have a clue as to what that is.

If we have never felt loved, as adults, we may think that love should play...

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Emotional abuse is invisible but it packs a punch to our nonphysical systems

Emotional abuse is invisible but it packs a punch to our nonphysical systems like our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Abuse is defined as any action designed to cause another person harm.
Emotional abuse is used as a means to gain entry inside someone's mind. When an abuser has gained enough power over their victims, the abuser does not have to work as hard to gain control.

Learned helplessness is a state in which victims learn to believe there is no way out. Fighting back has proven futile and often, exasperated abuse.
Dark personalities push for the day when they have successfully nudged their victims over the learned helplessness finish line. Past this line, is an invisible dungeon where the mental bodies of the victim and the abuser live. No one else can see this dungeon which makes the abuse victim feel lost, forgotten, and powerless.

Hope is the golden milk abuse survivors need in order to peel off the shame, fear, and confusion caused by emotional abuse long enough to...

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Human beings can go an entire lifetime, unaware that...

Human beings can go an entire lifetime, unaware that the thoughts that are flowing through our minds are all tied to what information, patterns, beliefs, and programs have been downloaded as a result of childhood experiences.

Childhood emotional neglect causes great trauma and many of us fail to recognize how being ignored, treated with indifference, and sometimes even with contempt, can cause us to become emotionally arrested without us even realizing this to be true. 

Don't worry too much, if you avoid feeling YOUR emotions. We all do. It is normal to avoid pain and in fact, our brain was designed to avoid it. BUT--we are MAGNIFICENT HUMAN BEINGS and we are extensions of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, so that means, we are CREATORS and we can change our BRAINS! We can face our pain, change our brain, AND create a new, healthier paradigm. 

Codependents have been programmed to believe that what they feel, and what they need is unimportant. Childhood emotional neglect, as well as...

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Shame conditions a child to believe who they are is not enough

Shame is a powerful emotional experience.
When a child is shamed, they are forced to detach from the very essence of who they are. Shame conditions a child to believe who they are is not enough. This is where our identity issues originate; in the belly of shame.

It is time to help the inner child fully understand that they never, ever should have been shamed for anything.

Parents use shame to control their children. Even the best of parents do this without realizing the consequences.

If you wish to know where addictions come from, consider how a child has experienced themselves as a shameful being.

Eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, risk taking behaviors, anger, and rage...consider them all and then ask yourself, 'Has this child, or have I, ever been shamed?'

Shame has cut us off from love...and only love can help us find our way back home...

Dear One, nothing that happens in childhood is the fault of the child. Anything that occurs due to the corruption of a home, a family, or a bond to...
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Codependents react to just about anything, everything, and anyone

Codependents react to just about anything, everything, and anyone.
We are hypervigilant and live in fear of having our 'not good enough' nerve pounced on.

At our core, we feel abandoned, powerless, and as if we are broken. We have spent our lives trying to figure out how to fawn enough, shut up enough, do enough, cater enough, but nothing has offered us the feeling of love we have chased after.

We live on the edge and in fear of feeling further abandoned but we do not realize, in every interaction, and every time we react, we are recycling our initial abandonment.

As codependents we react to our emotions and the emotions of others; we react to what people do and don't do, and struggle to stay in our bodies, process our feelings and stay grounded in our own God Self Energy.
Our ego-mind has been in control for far too long, and only when we become disciplined enough to our inner self, can we hope to be less reactive to those things, people, situations and circumstances that brew outside...

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Quiet the mind, love the body, and look within

When we look outside of ourselves and we see chaos, we must remember to quiet the mind, love the body, and look within.

If the matrix is confused, disordered, and chaotic, remember, that it is all too easy to become a part of what is happening outside of you.
It is not easy.

It is probably the MOST difficult of all spiritual tasks to achieve.

Closing your eyes to what is happening outside of you, regardless of the temptation to become a part of what is happening outside of you, because your egoic mind believes that if it can control what is happening outside of you, then you will feel less out of control IS the goal, no matter how ridiculously difficult.

Within you is a magnificent, abundant, perfect world.

Within you is a world of cells, organs, capillaries, neurons, arteries, minerals, vitamins, and more, all designed for your good.

Within you is the ability to imagine any state you desire.
Focus on your body. Love it...appreciate it...honor it...respect is your truest and realist...

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Shame corrupts the identity of the inner child

So much chaos happens inside the mind, body, and soul of a child when they are shamed for having emotions or negative reactions to how someone treats them.

When a child is shamed, they are forced to detach from the wound that caused their emotional reaction.

When they notice that mother or father, teacher, or some other authority is displeased with their emotional reaction, they let go of the very experience that has wounded them, in fear of further abandonment.

The unexperienced experience sits and rots over time. It never goes away.
Shaming a child causes them to detach and dissociate from the very essence of themselves that is necessary to help them navigate their lives in the directions of their fullest potential.

When a child is shamed, they are denied access to this potential and often, it is not until after much chaos in the adult life does this wounded inner child ever scream loud enough to be heard.

Shame forces the inner child to detach from the wonder that they are.

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Have you ever been threatened emotionally, financially or physically by someone?

Have you ever known someone who hurt you just because you did not see things their way?

Have you ever been threatened emotionally, financially or physically by someone?

This is called exploitation and we all need to know the warning signs so we can enforce boundaries and avoid being hurt by those who believe they have a right to harm another.

Not one of us has ever been put on planet earth to suffer the abuse of another person.

We may not know this in our gut, and we won't if as children we were treated with little to no regard.

It is time to hold onto the self and to know the self as divine, worthy and valid!
From there, we consciously recognize the need to protect ourselves from predator personalities because, HELLO, they do freaking exist. And sadly sometimes they are the ones who have been endowed to protect us!
I am not saying we need to live in fear...I am saying we need to live CONSCIOUSLY and AWARE.

There is no need to hate anyone...but we do need to love the self and honor what we...

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