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Narcissistic Abuse Symptoms-What You Should Know

It is vitally important that we as human beings take steps to consider how we feel.

Without asking ourselves how we feel, we can stay in unconscious states, repeat old patterns, get sick, and spend our lives managing chaos.

When it comes to narcissistic abuse, this is not always easy to spot. Narcissists are very convincing, in fact, they are incredibly convincing and totally believe they are right and all others who oppose them must be wrong.

If you are someone who questions themselves, lives with self-doubt, and suffers from low self-worth, it is incredibly easy to succumb to the abuse of a narcissist.

Many of us never realize we are in relationships with people with high narcissistic traits until it is too late. We are sick, dissociative, and sometimes even suicidal.

Thankfully many of us are waking up and seeing the signs before we hit the wall.

I hope this list can help you think more seriously about the energetic nature of your relationships.

Remember, no one has to change...

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Dealing with CPTSD

Complex PTSD is a symptom of traumatic events we were powerless to control. Our brains and minds work in tandem to keep us safe and when there is trauma, our brains record the sensory information experienced during past traumas for future recall.


So that we can avoid painful traumatic events in the future.

Our fight or flight response system gets tripped--or triggered when we experience a trigger in the NOW. As if the past traumatic event is happening at the moment, our bodies FEEL as if the past event is literally happening all over again.

Ego will rely on various defense mechanisms to deal with the emotions that surface. The more we understand how CPTSD works and the many ways in which our egos have been doing their best to protect us based on any current level of self-awareness we may have, the greater chances we have at learning to manage and even regulate our symptoms.

This is not our fault--this can be debilitating--this can be overwhelming--this can interrupt our...

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Why is it so Hard to Love the Self?

The HARDEST thing to do in life is to learn how to LOVE YOUR SELF!!!!


It is easy to love others because we don't know all of their flaws--like we know our own.

It is easy to love others--because it is easy to fantasize about the idea that someone else is totally freaking awesome--because we are not aware of their shadow side.

It is hard to love the self--because we know what our flaws are. We know what we look and smell like at 4 am. We know the way food gets stuck in our teeth. We know our hair and skin are thinning. We know we have cellulite and spider veins. We know our sisters, brother, mothers, fathers, and spouses have crappy opinions of us. We know we aren't always good with money. We know we sometimes scratch our asses and do the kinds of things that are socially unacceptable, like release a fart in public when no one is around. I mean come on--if you have ever farted in public you know the one you love has too. It's time to just get REAL!

Our brains are NOT...

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Self Care and Letting Go

Sometimes taking care of the self means we have to let go of relationships that are causing us harm, pain, frustration, and spiritual inflammation.

Codependents are dependent on people. We seek validation, acceptance, and permission to feel what we feel and think about what we think. Even when we are 'feeling' and 'believing' we should end a friendship or some other type of a relationship like a marriage or business agreement, we struggle with believing we have a right to do so. Even when we get angry, we look to the one who has pushed our buttons for permission to feel upset.

When it comes to letting go, it helps to consciously accept that none of us ever let go because we want to. Letting go is always painful. We always doubt ourselves and we are never happy about doing so. We let go because the person we trusted has acted in a way that has caused us to understand that the trust we once had is gone. We let go because we understand, that the person we care for does not value who...

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Law of Attraction Mantras

You are more powerful than you know and that is why fear is used as a tool to manipulate the masses.

Fear cripples the mind, body, and the soul, literally.

When triggered, we cannot remember that we are magnificent creators. Our creative minds are overcome by visceral sensory information and our consciousness is propelled back in time. We are NOT adults with rights and liberties when we are crippled by stress responses. We are powerless children acting out of the only defenses we know and through the ego.

A huge reason for what motivates me to continue on with the kind of work that I do is knowing just how asleep most of us are AND how those who know the truth, use FEAR to gain control over the masses.

Fear is used in the media, politics, music, religions, work environments, as well as in relationships with our parents, siblings, spouses, and friends.

Fear is what pulls the plug on our manifesting POWER and until we awaken to this truth, we can be manipulated not only by others but...

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Emotions as Divine Guidance

Emotions are miraculous. Designed to be one's internal guidance system, often times, however, our emotions get toyed with by others. If we were children who were raised in homes by alcoholics, unrecovered adult children of alcoholics, narcissistic, and or abusive others, chances are our emotions were considered inconvenient things. As a result, many of us walk through life feeling screwy, discombobulated, and full of self-doubt. These miraculous things called emotions, we do not trust; we loathe instead.
Most programming and conditioning of the subconscious mind occurs when the brain of the being is young, innocent and most impressionable. When a child's needs are consistently frustrated by an emotionally unavailable or self-absorbed caretaker, the negative emotions the child 'feels' imprints the subconscious mind with negative perceptions of Self. Because the child is unable to cognitively comprehend that their parent is infested by a soul-eating disease like...
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Don't Believe Everything You Believe

If we were taught to understand that the mind was both conscious and unconscious at the same time and that ALL data and experiences are held within the subconscious mind, including our impressions of self, which are the result of how well or how poorly others were able to make us feel worthy of love, then we would not be a world of people ATTACHING to FALSE ides we notice floating around in our conscious minds.
If we were taught to THINK HIGHER, IMAGINE CLEARER, and to BELIEVE in the POWER of the IMAGINATION, instead of imagining what awful people we are, how little we deserve, how ugly or insignificant we are, we would be COMMANDING our subconscious minds to think WELL of ourselves instead.
If children were seen as the ANGELIC and MIRACULOUS beings they truly were, from birth, their SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS would learn to believe in HARMONY, FAIRNESS, PEACE, JOY, and ENOUGH-NESS. If children were NOT regarded as LESS THAN, and if every CHILD FELT SEEN, collectively we...
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College Entrance Exam Scandal and Parental Narcissism

May those of us who have been abused in childhood learn to be the strong yet wise parents our children need.

May we NOT be confused between empathy and enmeshment.

May we NOT be confused between support and enabling.

May we NOT be so codependent or narcissistic that we FAIL to see our children as individuals who need to FLEX and DEVELOP their own ability to think and care for themselves.

May we NOT be so worried about what other people think that we coddle our children to the point where they NEVER learn to believe they can make it on their own.

Abused adult children, who have craved validation can transfer their fear of abandonment upon their children and overcompensate by taking care of TOO much for their children or they can be so wounded by their pasts they can depend on their children for a sense of identity and enmesh with them for a sense of self.


Heal yourself--hold yourself accountable--take care of yourself--PROVE to yourself that YOU are enough and then, teach...

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Live Before You Die

We are all here on a journey and although each one of us seems to come from vastly different parts of the world, the undeniable truth is--we have all come here to learn the same lessons.

In nature, there is an intrinsic and divine beautiful and balanced relationship between the sky and the earth.

The sun delivers to our plants the energy it needs to manufacture within its cells the food and nutrients required to survive. Our plants and animals rely on the sky for the freshwater it needs to live. Our earth provides shelter for the animals in the forests and jungles and trees for animals with wings. And when one tree falls, the forest does not mourn--for it accepts the cycle of all things and rests in the knowledge that the carcass of the fallen tree--will inevitably decay and in so doing, even replenish the earth it rots upon.

All things have been born for one reason and one reason only--to live.

And while this sounds simple and even obvious--far too many beings are born--and...

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Can You Love the Self?

There are many steps one must take in order to heal the emotional wounds of our pasts. While healing is a process, it is helpful to first come into some key understandings.

Most of our wounds occurred when we were defenseless children--powerless--and under the control of others. Because we were dependent upon those who may have been violating the innocence within us--we did not feel safe. As a result, our minds developed coping skills to help us survive the everyday abuses we may have experienced.

Perhaps we floated away--and disassociated ourselves from our immediate pain. We may have counted, cut, binged, purged, obsessed, ticked or sought love in places we could never have found it. It doesn't matter what survival skill we developed. What is most important is that we do not re-victimize ourselves by now judging the very miraculous survival skills that allowed us to endure the suffering we experienced as children.

The main ingredient to healing emotional abuse--is learning to...

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