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Life Coaching For Adult Children of Alcoholics

Life Coaching is a wonderful avenue of opportunity that is able to help people get from where they are, to where they want to be in their life, or in a particular area of their life.

There is nothing like a personal coach whose only goal is to help you attain the levels of well-being you desire.

Most people respond...

Adult Children of Alcoholics--And The Dry Home--Wounding WIthout The Alcohol

Children from homes run by alcoholics are children who are not having their developmental needs met consistently.

If you wanted to build a skyscraper that you knew would last hundreds of years, much time, effort, thought, care, and diligence would go into nurturing that project. The reality is...

Suicide and Adult Children of Alcoholics

Since embracing the idea that my life and all its turmoil was directly linked to the alcoholism that had plagued my family for generations, incrementally my life has gotten better and better. Up until my full acknowledgement of just how deeply my wounds ran--and more specifically why my wounds ran so deeply, incrementally my life had continued to spiral out of control. When I used to hear the term...

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Probable Life Paths

Recently I began contemplating the concepts of fate and destiny. I wondered how it could be that I was now at such an abundant time in life, while members of my own family still live very much through the vantage point of fear. They fear spending money, as if they'll never make another dime. They fear going on vacation, because you need to spend money in order to do that. They fear going to get manicures, because...

Adult Children of Alcoholics--Taking Leaps of Faith

It's probably about 4:45 a.m.

The air is thick with dew and the sounds of Red Cardinals is clear and loud.

As if God has hit the pause button, so much of the outer world seems to be asleep--while so many of the things I have learned to allow myself to love and appreciate are alive, well and communicating.

The final days...