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It is possible to become comfortable in one's own skin

Wisdom is timeless.

As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall be.

Who has ever entered this time-space reality and not yearned to be comfortable in their own skin?

The illogicality of this desired premise is the notion that our comfortability depends on our skin itself.

Yet, many a fine beauty has felt vile in her own skin. So then, what beings yearn for cannot be found in the flesh and blood of the material world.

What we are after, is non-physical--invisible--and vibrational in nature.

All creatures crave harmony from within. Harmony is a word that is used mostly to describe pleasing music and or sounds. Harmony--sound--music--are all vibrational in nature. What beings seek is vibrational harmony from within its own being.

It is possible to become comfortable in one's own skin, even if one's own skin is not comfortable.

It is not possible to achieve harmony from within without accepting what is the current state.

It is not possible to heal from within, without first...

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Life was intended to be simply abundant!

Life was intended to be simply abundant!

Man was created by source, call it God, Allah, Mohammed, Creator--call this source whatever you like. Ones salutation is never as important as the sum the who.

If our world's most elite physicists all agree, and they do--and all that exists, does so by nature of an intelligent force, then at a minimum all people everywhere can agree that whatever the source that created you, also created me, as well as every star system, ocean, and insect that has ever lived and died.

At man's most basic nature, he is loving. Each man born entered into this time space reality desiring one thing--Love. Newborns do not enter this world fear based. Fear is a wrinkle in ones own emotional vibration, and it is learned. It is not man's truest nature.

While political leaders toy with ideas of WWlll in the Middle East, those of us who are considered to be enlightened, awakened, and of pure intents for ourselves, others and our worlds, must do what we can to see past the...

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Why is it important to go back and remember those who tried to steal your dreams?

People who are stuck believing they can't make a dream come true, will always poo poo other people's dreams. Unaware they are projecting their own false and limiting beliefs onto others, they fail to understand that we are all co-creating our lives as we go.

As it has been said, "As a man thinks, so is he." "Whether a man thinks he can or cannot, he is right." "Thoughts become things."

To heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse is akin to 'checking every thought that runs through our conscious field' and that is tedious difficult strenuous work, but there is no other way.

What we see on the inside, we see on the outside and dream killers fail to see that when they tell us we can't, they aren't even talking about us, they are talking about themselves.

Today's challenge is to go back in your mind and remember all the times you were really excited about a dream and then a dream killer came along and said something like, "You can't do that! You can't go there! Who is going to buy...

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You are not crazy, nor insane or bad for having a mind that has been conditioned (taught) to go one way; the wrong way.

There are many very valid reasons for why you may struggle with thinking negative thoughts.

You are not crazy, nor insane or bad for having a mind that has been conditioned (taught) to go one way; the wrong way.

You are not ill because your brain is more like a driver of a race car called 'Crazy Thoughts', and your awareness seems more like a spectator in the stands horrified by the speed at which the thoughts your brain holds travels.

Somewhere in that space between the car and you, as the spectator exists, is where your healing is waiting.

In that space is where all the work you will ever have to do to ever be happy--must begin.

You have not been taught to feel empowered.

Your brain has not been taught to be happy with its aloneness.

Your brain has been conditioned to think acceptance is outside of you.

Society, the media, our teachers, our parents, and our friends and family have all played a part in the creation of our belief and ultimate thought processes.

In that space deep within you,...

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In order for our inner child to truly feel safe--we must stop beating up our inner child

There are many steps one must take in order to heal the emotional wounds of our pasts. While healing is a process, it is helpful to first come into some key understandings.

Most of our wounds occurred when we were defenseless children--powerless--and under the control of others. Because we were dependent upon those who may have been violating the innocence within us--we did not feel safe. As a result our minds developed coping skills to help us survive the everyday abuses we may have experienced.

Perhaps we floated away--and disassociated ourselves from our immediate pain. We may have counted, cut, binged, purged, obsessed, ticked or sought love in places we could never have found it. It doesn't matter what survival skill we developed. What is most important is that we do not re-victimize ourselves by now judging the very miraculous survival skills that allowed us to endure the suffering we experienced as children.

A main ingredient to healing emotional abuse--is learning to inhibit...

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Within us lies the power to change our realities

The life of the adult child of an alcoholic as well as for the alcoholic or any being who believes they are powerless over their current states of mind, are all living a paradox.

It is right to presume that all beings created--desire to be loved, accepted, and validated for the essence of who they are. And yet in spite of this yearning to be loved, ACoA's, alcoholics, addicts and the victims of abuse deny themselves the love they yearn.

The greatest dis-ease of man today is that man does not love self--the self that is separate from his illusion of ego.

When beings identify their worth by physical things found in the so called physical reality, man--through thought separates himself from the very thing he yearns for.

It is not possible to find the love a being searches for in a car, a home, a dress size, a business, or a bank account. It is not possible to find acceptance when that acceptance is being judged by some kind of ruler.

Acceptance just is--no matter what.

The society we live in...

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My Formula: When to enforce a boundary

It is probably one of the most emotionally challenging things to do as a human being who loves another human being. Setting boundaries with those we love can be difficult and anxiety provoking. So how do we know when we should set a boundary with someone we love?

It is certainly a complicated question and it has helped me to develop a certain protocol around boundary setting with people I love. It is not always fail proof, but having some type of concrete plan has helped me feel less anxious when put in a difficult spot by someone I care about.

My formula is fairly simple. If someone is talking poorly about me and not to me, that is something I generally brush off unless this person is someone who claims to love, honor, and respect me. If I am spoken about poorly about someone who claims to care about me and our relationship, my general rule of thumb is to confront them personally, directly, and to let them know precisely how what I heard made me feel. If this person then reacts by...
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Learning to own one’s history is the key to healing the wounds of the past

As an author and Life Coach dedicated to sharing what she has learned in this lifetime, with the intent of helping others heal their troubled pasts, often times I find myself teetering upon quite a delicate tightrope.

Because I believe firmly that most emotional woes are rooted in codependent thought processes, I do not believe it is possible to heal a wound one cannot name. Healing codependency requires great personal courage as well as conviction. Most abusers deny that any abuse has ever taken place, which leaves the child victim not only feeling invalidated, but often questioning their own perceptions of the past. In these types of cases, defining wounds of the past can be a most daunting task.

When caretakers refuse to acknowledge any abuse has taken place, it is up to the individual in search of healing to learn to honor their own perceptions, in spite of being invalidated by the others in their lives. Healing can often be a most terrifying experience. Exposing skeletons...

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Happiness can only come by way of letting go of our ideas of attachment

All problems are the result of a beings interpretations of a particular situation. Deeper, all problems are the result of our attachments to a particular outcome we have egotistically presumed is the proper and only correct outcome. Deeper, all pain in this world is the result of a being who falsely presumes their happiness is dependent upon something or someone outside of itself they cannot realistically control.

Happiness then can only come by way of letting go of our ideas of attachment. When one intellectually or emotionally attaches to an outcome, they have unknowingly pinched themselves off from freedom. By placing our happiness on outcomes, people, situations and experiences outside of ourselves, we cut ourselves off from the joy we think we were after in the first place.

You are reading this, but you may not be in control of the thoughts that are popping into your head as you read it. You may not even be aware that you have control over the thoughts that are showing up in your...

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Wounded people wound people. Until we find the answer, let it be!

Forgiveness is often associated with letting people off the hook. Your boyfriend cheats on you and he says he is sorry and you forgive him. Your best friend says something off hand like, “You look pregnant in that dress. You should go change” and you forgive her. Your sister claims she didn’t think you wanted to know when your mother passed away, so it was for your benefit that she did not reach out, and you forgive her.

But have your forgiven, really, or have you just avoided dealing with an issue you may not know how to deal with?

Children tend to forgive without expectation and understanding why it is they let go of their anger. Often, children just want things to be better, less tense, and because they do not have the power to assert boundaries, they simply dissociate from their emotions and fail to recognize when they have been violated.

Children let go because they have no sense of the rights they have to hold someone accountable or in believe things will...

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