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Love And Protect The Self

People will say that you do not need to fear a narcissist.

I say fear is God's way of saying, "Pay freaking attention -- there is a dark spirit in your midsts."

People who do not have a mind that operates to be a part of the whole, work to destroy the whole so they can remain in control of all who make up the whole.

Narcissists are persecutors, but their mind will insist that you are the persecutor and they are the victim.

Be careful out there Dear Ones...

God isn't going to sit at your coffee table and tell you to 'wake up'. No, God speaks to us through our gut instincts.

It is our job to learn to be still -- and to consciously make contact with our Higher Self; our Holy Spirit Self.

When we heal the programs in our heads that make us feel not enough, we can more clearly hear the voice of Spirit and Wisdom guiding us and cautioning us to love and protect the self.



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There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For

In spite of anything that has ever gone awry in our lives, the truth is, there is always something to be grateful for.

If you are breathing, you are connected to source through your breath, and although you may not believe that to be true, it is.

If you can take a deep breath, silence your mind for just a moment, and think about the way you think, you are further along on the healing path than most.

Never give up looking for that one thought that leads to HOPE.

Hope, leads to faith which leads to LOVE and LOVE is all we ever really needed—ever.

Love the Self Dear Ones and all will be well.



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Give Every Moment 100% Of You

We all have crazy-filled moments when we are doubting ourselves, our worth and our right to be happy. It’s normal. We are human and by the time we were three years old, someone should have loved us enough to program us to believe we were enough, just as we were. Unfortunately, many of us have not had that experience and that is alright.

Why is it alright?

It is alright because the truth is we are absolutely DIVINE BEINGS of LIGHT at our core, and it is only our old programming that has us believing we are not enough.

Today, connect with the reality that at your core, you absolutely are enough.

Refuse to let ANY ideal violate the boundaries of your mind that cause you to wonder about your worth,

Be the best version of yourself possible in every moment.

Give every moment 100% of you.

When you have the choice—ALWAYS choose PEACE and LOVE over fear and hate.

This is the way you overcome faulty childhood programming and help your mind learn to resonate with the true rhythm of your...

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Do You Struggle With Saying ‘I Am Sorry’?

Many of us struggle with saying, ‘I am sorry.’

Saying we are sorry triggers all sorts of shame for those of us who have come from abusive homes. We have a difficult time seeing ourselves realistically and so when we make a mistake, even if that mistake was a tiny one, we FEEL like we are the worst person in the world. Even though we might have accidentally spilled a glass of milk, to us it feels as if we’ve shattered a century old crystal pitcher that was once owned by the Queen of England.

When an abused adult child makes a mistake, it never feels like a mistake. It always feels like something sinister.

Loving the self demands that we see ourselves as perfectly flawed, imperfect, and human. Thinking that the goal is perfection, dysregulates our emotions, and interrupts our ability to see the self in a realistic light.

This weekend, spend some time confronting any perfectionistic qualities that include judging yourself unrealistically. Be kind to yourself and see...
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Learn To Be Less-Reactive

We all have an ego and so we all need to make sure we are doing all we can to stay in check. The ego is that part of our personality that is always trying to protect the id, the part of us that is infantile, powerless and fears feeling vulnerable. Like an adolescent child trying to defend its 3 year old sibling, the ego will resort to its most known and well-rehearsed defense mechanism for help when feeling challenged or fearful.

Defense mechanisms are relied upon until we learn to be less-reactive. We learn to be less-reactive by CHOOSING to NOT react to every emotion, thought and feeling that passes through our conscious field.

If we want to be happy, we have to learn to be less-reactive. Reacting to every feeling we have is maddening as feelings come and go throughout the day. Learning to THINK about the way we FEEL is far more mature and gratifying.

How would your life change if you learned to PAUSE before you reacted to a feeling, thought, emotion or idea? How much chaos would the...

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Energy We Give And Receive

Plato has stated, “People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.”

Part of being a grown up requires us to be responsible for what people we hold in our lives. If we treated our lives like we did our businesses, it would be easier to evaluate who should stay, or should go.

All experiences are energetic exchanges, like forms of commerce, although we tend to devalue what energy we give and receive. Of course, the more responsible we become for the self, the more we learn to value our greatest asset, which is our ENERGY.

While I don’t advocate ghosting every sour puss, Debby Downer, or Negative Nelson, I do believe that it is wise to at least take an energy inventory.

Who nourishes your soul?

Who depletes you?

Who leaves you shaking your head?

Who riles you up and has you focus on negative things?

Who inspires you?

Who lifts you up?

Who wants you to believe in lack?

Who supports the energy...

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Learn To Love Yourself

When a childhood has been unpredictable, our need for control goes on overdrive.

When our emotions have been stuffed, they create tension inside our bodies. This tension we think needs to be managed by trying to control everything and everyone.

We try to control how we feel...we try to control how other people feel...we try to control what other people think...and what they do.

What we need is peace, but because we have never experienced peace, we falsely believe controlling anything and everything will bring us peace.

The sad, freaking, truth is, peace comes only when we finally let go.

Learning to accept what you cannot control is a journey. It happens slowly and overtime.

Codependency is a real thing...

Being too nice is a real thing...

People-pleasing is a real thing...

Learning to love yourself, and to accept what you could not control as a child, leads you to the peace you seek on the inside.

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Let No Thing Separate You From The LOVE That You Are!

If you knew you were enough, what would you do today?

If you knew you were enough, what plans would you make for the following year?

If you knew you were enough, how would you feel around others?

Be grateful Dear One, because you are ENOUGH and only faulty ideas once separated you from being able to FULLY embrace the miracle that is LIFE!

Let no one or no thing separate you from the LOVE that you are!



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You Can't Fix A Hole In The Wall You Can't See

If your needs were not met as a child, and if how you felt went ignored, you have been taught and conditioned to ignore your own needs.

This is not an attack on parents.

This is simply a wake-up call to look within, listen to your inner self, and understand why you do what you do and why you don't do what you should do.

You can't fix a hole in the wall you can't see.

If you have no 'data' for how to honor your emotions, you will need to develop the ability to do so.

It is time to stop seeking external validation and to begin honoring the inner child who has had their eyes fixated on outer things they cannot control.

Shine your light on that inner YOU!

Love the inner YOU!

No matter who has been unable for any reason, to not meet your emotional needs, give you the LOVE you seek!

It is never too late to LOVE your INNER-SACRED--ENOUGH--YOU!

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Why You Never Feel Good Enough: Self Love Tips to Help You Feel Enough

If you never feel good enough, that is not your fault.

Learning to use self love tips that can help you feel enough must be put into action. When you never feel good enough, you suffer from self-blame, self-doubt, and struggle with codependency symptoms. When you never feel good enough, you may sometimes not know why.

You may struggle with loving yourself and not understand why it is so hard to feel good enough. 'I am not enough' stuff is most often rooted in childhood. When our parents have innocently or purposefully caused us to doubt we are worthy of their time, love, validation and attention, we can assume it is our fault and begin to believe we are never going to ever be good enough. 

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