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Childhood Programming and the Subconscious Mind

It is so easy to forget that within ever cell of our being is the same galactic stuff that makes up the STARS in our sky!

You are LIGHT Dear One!

At your atomic core, you, me, everyone, and everything is LIGHT.

So why is there so much chaos on the playing field of people’s minds?

Why does there seem to be so much fear on our planet?

Why can’t we seem to find the love we seek and instead find unpleasantness no matter how hard we try?

Ahh…Dear Ones…never forget you are both a DIVINE SPIRIT and a HUMAN BEING.

You have come to MASTER the limitations of the survival mechanisms that are the DEFAULT settings of man.

You have come to CHOOSE the LIGHT and to DELIBERATELY mold your CONSCIOUSNESS through the POWER of thought and by way of your DIVINE FREE WILL.

You have come to REALIZE that the mind is both conscious and unconscious at the same time, it is both dead and alive as well.

Dead and alive?


Yes, the mind is programmable and all experiences from childhood have been...

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Prayer Chain for Family and Victims Everywhere

Prayers for Victims and Family Impacted by the Coronavirus of 2020

While meditating today, I began envisioning a friend whom I love walking out of the hospital healed, fully recovered, and happy.

Here on Long Island, my family and I know and love a number of those impacted by the Coronavirus. The challenges are real. The emotions are strong and the pull to try and control something I cannot control keeps me on my toes.

Wishing to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, I decided to begin a Prayer Chain for anyone who wishes to offer the names of a loved one they would like me, my family, and those willing to participate to pray for.

Faith has no religion. Faith is a powerful resource fear pisses on when we need it the most.

I believe in unwavering faith and especially when the going gets rough.

I also believe in combined consciousness and in the power of numbers when spirits, hearts, intentions, vibrations, emotions, and desires aligned.

Please feel free to offer...

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Parents who ridicule, chastise, insult and demean others, are not modeling self-loving behavior

Those of us who never saw our parents take self-love and self-care seriously, do not know how to take ourselves seriously.

If you had parents that complained, whined, and felt sorry for themselves, you may have been taught how to DISEMPOWER yourself rather than EMPOWER yourself. Parents who ridicule, chastise, insult and demean others, are not modeling self-loving behavior. In fact, they are modeling DISEMPOWERING behavior and unfortunately, teaching separation from love rather than inclusion of love.

Heart-centered parents do what they can to infuse their child’s mind and body with the vibration of love because they wish only love return to their children. People who are heart-centered, prefer NOT to judge others as they understand that all that they emit must return to them in some way.

People who love themselves take care of themselves and that includes their homes, cars, finances, businesses, careers, relationships, their dreams, their mental, spiritual and emotional health...
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It is fine to have people NOT like you

It can be so HARD to face, but the reality is, not everybody is going to like you, agree with you, validate you, or love you.

When you have grown up feeling like it was your job to make sure everybody else was okay but you—it can be quite the mind-bender when you start to confront the faulty belief that has you unconsciously programmed to believe it is YOUR JOB to get people to like you.





How many of us have been under the illusion that it was the WORST thing in the world to have someone NOT like us?

Crazy, I know!

Turns out—it is TOTALLY acceptable to NOT BE LIKED—and to even be DISLIKED!



It is totally okay to have your neighbor, friend, cousin, and even a significant other NOT agree with you!

It is totally fine to have people NOT like you.

Guess what? Even if people don’t like you, the world continues to spin and the sun still comes out in the morning. To an abused adult...

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Learning how NOT to react to your emotions, or the emotions of others

We all have a miraculous internal guidance system, although many of us have been taught NOT to trust it.

Abused adult children do not always realize how reactive their thinking is or how impulsive their actions can be. For this reason, making sure we ‘think’ before we speak and or ‘do’, is critical.

The amygdala is all about REACTIVITY, anger, survival, fear, abandonment, rejection and shame. Without even thinking, abused adult children can be emotionally triggered and say and do things they would not have done had they known how to or desired to RELAX, MEDITATE, and CONNECT with their HIGHER SELF before reacting to something in their environment.

Think of how many times you have said ‘yes’ when you have meant ‘no’ or how many times you have lashed out, when in hindsight, you had wished you had spoken with LOVE instead of fear, anger, resentment, or shame.


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See Abundance ANYWHERE

It is really easy to slip down a rabbit hole and forget that we are magnificent extensions of Creator. When we have spent our lives feeling like we are unworthy, it is simple to doubt we are enough. No one would fault anyone who felt sorry for themselves, who had spent a lifetime being abused. How could we? Our brains believe what they have been exposed to. As children, we do not question the rationalizations that show up in our heads that justify why we feel unloved, nor do we have any control over how people love us or don't.

But here is the thing--the universe is a vibrational place and it maintains order by simply lining up like energies with like energies through magnetism.

Why should you care?

You should care because you are a Creator too--and you can shift what you think and in doing so, you shift how you feel, and when you shift how you feel, you shift what you emit, and when you shift what you emit, you shift what you attract, and when you shift what you attract, you shift...

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Sometimes Loving the Self Means Saying NO to Others & YES to the Self

Loving the self is the cornerstone of our lives, although many abused adult children struggle to even understand what the hell loving the self means.

When we love from the purest state, we are unconditionally loving, accepting, patient, empathic, kind, forgiving and understanding.

This does not imply we need to sleep with people we know do not love us in a healthy way or can even harm us.

This does not imply we do not have the right to set boundaries with unhealthy and abusive others.

It does imply, however, that love, in its purest form has the ability to understand without judgment and without a roll in the hay.

Loving the self very often means we learn to say “NO!” ‘No, I won’t sleep with you. No, I am not coming over to ‘just’ watch a movie. No, I won’t meet you for coffee. No, I don’t care if she is just a friend. No, I won’t pick you up from the train station even if it is snowing and your car has a flat.’


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Getting Back On The Humble Highway

If we wake up in the morning thinking the world owes us something, there is no doubt it is probably going to be a pretty crappy day.
Whenever we feel entitled to anything and we veer off the Humble Highway, we are setting ourselves up for emotional deflation.
The truth is, the world doesn’t owe us a damn thing. It took me years to accept that it was up to me to make myself happy in spite of how many people tried to make me miserable, and yes, there were people in my life who made it their mission to piss on my leg while they insisted it was raining.
Silly Munchkins!
If we are adults, the time has passed when others were supposed to cater to our needs, powder our bottoms, warm our bottles, and pack our lunch. If we are adults, and we are holding onto the idea that another adult should figure out what we need, take care of our finances, and tolerate our temper tantrums, it might be time to get back on the Humble Highway.
Life is rough and...
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We all become what we believe

George Bernard Shaw states, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that has taken place.”

Humans are said to be 95% unconscious 95% of the time—HOLY CRAP!

Seriously?!?! Without our conscious knowledge, we all project to a degree what we THINK we hear other people saying because all that we hear must pass through our TRAUMA FILTER.

If we were programmed to believe we were unworthy, in conversations with others this is the echo we will hear reverberating through every syllable the person we are talking to utters.

Today, do what you can to drop your guard, open your heart, and listen. You might hear someone say something passive-aggressive, or you might even hear yourself project your wounds and your fears onto others as well, OR—you just might hear something loving, compassionate, encouraging, uplifting, and empathetic.

When we learn to believe we are enough, it is far easier to notice flowers, the sun, butterflies, smiles, laughter, and...

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We Fear Death and Unknowns, not the Coronavirus

When the body feels like it is under attack, it launches its defenses. This is a wonderful, factory-built
pre-design that humans do not need to think about launching. The fight or flight system is divinely constructed and installed into the human brain by design.

I hope you are curious about the Master Designer. Just sayin’

When you hear a sudden loud noise, your brain recognizes this as a possible threat and as a result, your autonomic system will cause a chemical burst that will overwhelm your consciousness and cause physical movement. You may jump out of your chair and turn your head suddenly, and without thinking, towards the area where your brain has alerted you to where this sudden strange noise has come.

Over the airwaves, little nerves in your ears have sensed the sudden vibrations in your environment and at lightning speed have sent impulses to your brain and vice versa all in an attempt to keep you safe and alive. This, by the way, all takes place through the sea of...

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