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Law of Attraction Mantras

You are more powerful than you know and that is why fear is used as a tool to manipulate the masses.

Fear cripples the mind, body, and the soul, literally.

When triggered, we cannot remember that we are magnificent creators. Our creative minds are overcome by visceral sensory information and our consciousness is propelled back in time. We are NOT adults with rights and liberties when we are crippled by stress responses. We are powerless children acting out of the only defenses we know and through the ego.

A huge reason for what motivates me to continue on with the kind of work that I do is knowing just how asleep most of us are AND how those who know the truth, use FEAR to gain control over the masses.

Fear is used in the media, politics, music, religions, work environments, as well as in relationships with our parents, siblings, spouses, and friends.

Fear is what pulls the plug on our manifesting POWER and until we awaken to this truth, we can be manipulated not only by others but...

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For many on the spiritual path, it is just a matter of time before we happen upon the law of attraction. It seems inevitable for those of us who seek deep meaning to life, to eventually discover the desire to understand how the universe really works and what laws are at play. We wish to understand, so that we can better help ourselves create the most out of our life experiences while here in our physical bodies. On some logical level, we all understand that the day will come when each of us shall perish. Well, at least our physical bodies will perish. The innate, unique, divine, energetic, quantum aspect of our selves is immortal. If you are someone who is wishing to gain some understanding to the meaning of life, you may have already learned to accept your time on this planet is limited and if you are lucky enough to be a truth-seeker, within you is a drive to understand how you can absolutely make the most out of your physical life experience.

Truth-seekers are those amongst us...

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Law of Attraction Nonsense


  • That's right--it's all bullshit.
  • Nothing we believe in is what it appears to be.
  • We are not born awake--we are not born at all until we awaken to our divine selves.
  • Our flesh enters this space--but our minds are asleep--unborn--and unawakened--and spellbound by the world of materialism and illusions.
  • Only those with ears to hear this truth will be able to process this message.
  • This is NOT a criticism...this is just a fact.
  • If you are meant to awaken you will--and one day you shall know that all that you see is but a projection of what information has been impressed upon your subconscious mind by OTHERS.

What we think--we do not think--we regurgitate--UNTIL we learn to think for ourselves.

The universe is magnificent and magical even. Walt Disney was right.

"When you wish upon a star anything you dream can come to you" BUT only IF you are in total vibrational alignment and agreement with what you are wishing for.

  • Jesus was right too. "Ask and it shall be given", but you...
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