Men Have Feelings Too

“You never tell me how you’re feeling”, it’s a common complaint that men often hear. For many, it’s the first salvo in a long conversation that will cause their partners to touch on their deficiencies, and lack of emotional intimacy and disregard for their partner’s emotional needs. Ironically, the more a man is berated for not having feelings, the less likely he is to share them with the one pointing the finger. Oddly enough, conversations like these often times end up ignoring the man's feelings altogether.  

Let's take a look at this dilemma, shall we?

Men are often accused by partners for 'not having feelings' and yet, men have just as many emotions and feelings as any member of the opposite sex.  And just because women are more comfortable expressing how they feel, does not give us the right as females to criticize, coerce, or manipulate the men in our lives into opening up.  

Let’s be clear: many men have a difficult...

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