So many of us have been taught to believe we are not good enough

So many of us have been taught to believe we are not good enough. For some, the emotion of fear may have been triggered early on and quite possibly even in utero. The limbic brain is wired to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. Anything that causes a growing fetus to experience a threat to harmony and peace will be registered as pain. Humans are being downloaded long before we are able to walk. Unfortunately, because so many people do not appreciate the experiences of children as valid; believing that what children cannot remember doesn't count, we are a world of wounded adults who are stuck in states of fight or flight who may not even realize it.

Compounding societal ignorance is the fact that ALL human beings are born asleep. We are not born aware. We are born with brainwave states that equal the dream state of consciousness. We do not have the ability to think critically as children. All that happens to us in our outer world becomes downloaded into our growing and impressionable...

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Depression is real and often a sign that one has struggled to feel enough

Depression is real and often a sign that one has struggled to feel enough, connect to their emotions, others, and to the idea that it is possible to make life amazing.

In the height of my depression, I was unconscious to how powerless I believed I was and how codependent I was on those around me. I felt and believed I was stuck.

I did not believe I was enough or worthy and below the veil of consciousness, were programs leading me to believe and act as if I needed others to approve or validate me.

All my beliefs were backwards and did not support life. Instead, I consistently believed my power was outside of me. I begged for approval and worked my fingers to the bone to make others happy. I suppressed my own needs and grew angrier, more resentful and in time collapsed.

If you have ever suffered from depression, have you ever considered it a symptom of something deeper, and if so, what did you discover?

How would your perception of depression change if you considered it a symptom or...

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It is easy to neglect the self when you have never felt enough

It is so easy to neglect the self, especially if you have never felt valued, loved, protected, nurtured and enough.

BUT—as grown ass adults, it is time to STOP making excuses for why we continue to perpetuate NOT taking care of the self.

This weekend, make sure to take time out to LOVE you. That might mean going to bed an hour early, reading a book, taking a bath, or making yourself some chicken soup. It might mean meditating, journaling, or watching that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, or it might mean finally catching that Yoga class you’ve been meaning to try out.

Inside all of us is a KNOWING.

We know what we need and what we want, but when we are in the habit of IGNORING what we KNOW to be true, our actions follow suit, our life sucks, we feel like crap, and we fall into ruts that grow deeper each passing day.

This weekend make it a point to do something you’ve been meaning to do. FINALLY listen to that KNOWING and HONOR YOU!

Have you known what you wanted...

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It is fine to have people NOT like you

It can be so HARD to face, but the reality is, not everybody is going to like you, agree with you, validate you, or love you.

When you have grown up feeling like it was your job to make sure everybody else was okay but you—it can be quite the mind-bender when you start to confront the faulty belief that has you unconsciously programmed to believe it is YOUR JOB to get people to like you.





How many of us have been under the illusion that it was the WORST thing in the world to have someone NOT like us?

Crazy, I know!

Turns out—it is TOTALLY acceptable to NOT BE LIKED—and to even be DISLIKED!



It is totally okay to have your neighbor, friend, cousin, and even a significant other NOT agree with you!

It is totally fine to have people NOT like you.

Guess what? Even if people don’t like you, the world continues to spin and the sun still comes out in the morning. To an abused adult...

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We all become what we believe

George Bernard Shaw states, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that has taken place.”

Humans are said to be 95% unconscious 95% of the time—HOLY CRAP!

Seriously?!?! Without our conscious knowledge, we all project to a degree what we THINK we hear other people saying because all that we hear must pass through our TRAUMA FILTER.

If we were programmed to believe we were unworthy, in conversations with others this is the echo we will hear reverberating through every syllable the person we are talking to utters.

Today, do what you can to drop your guard, open your heart, and listen. You might hear someone say something passive-aggressive, or you might even hear yourself project your wounds and your fears onto others as well, OR—you just might hear something loving, compassionate, encouraging, uplifting, and empathetic.

When we learn to believe we are enough, it is far easier to notice flowers, the sun, butterflies, smiles, laughter, and...

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I Never Felt Good Enough

When I was a young wife, I prided myself on keeping a clean home, cooking my husband’s favorite meals, taking care of the kids, managing our family business, mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, and taking care of just about every aspect of our family’s life.

Rarely did I get a good night’s sleep or spend time alone with my friends. Never did I dare get a massage, manicure or pedicure. I was too good of a mom to dare think about my needs over the needs of my family, or at least that was my frigged up perception of self-care at the time.

OH BOY—since then, I have learned a thing or two—thank heaven!

You see, before I began my recovery journey, I didn’t need anybody and I didn’t want anyone to think I needed them.

After over a decade of me trying to be Super Woman, and the desire to be the fixer upper for my family had worn me thin, I was DONE! Not only was I done, I was pissed off, resentful, angry,...

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Let No Thing Separate You From The LOVE That You Are!

If you knew you were enough, what would you do today?

If you knew you were enough, what plans would you make for the following year?

If you knew you were enough, how would you feel around others?

Be grateful Dear One, because you are ENOUGH and only faulty ideas once separated you from being able to FULLY embrace the miracle that is LIFE!

Let no one or no thing separate you from the LOVE that you are!



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Why You Never Feel Good Enough: Self Love Tips to Help You Feel Enough

If you never feel good enough, that is not your fault.

Learning to use self love tips that can help you feel enough must be put into action. When you never feel good enough, you suffer from self-blame, self-doubt, and struggle with codependency symptoms. When you never feel good enough, you may sometimes not know why.

You may struggle with loving yourself and not understand why it is so hard to feel good enough. 'I am not enough' stuff is most often rooted in childhood. When our parents have innocently or purposefully caused us to doubt we are worthy of their time, love, validation and attention, we can assume it is our fault and begin to believe we are never going to ever be good enough. 

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