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Child Abuse-Leads To Teen's Suicide--Thanks Dad!

How dare this father cut his child's hair off--and then publicly shame her on YOUTUBE????

Children are NOT property!

This poor innocent little girl...

My heart beats for you precious Izzy..YOU are NOT forgotten.

Mother's Energy Either Creates or Destroys Her Innocent Angelic Human Creation

Some of us have been lucky. Our parents were open enough emotionally to allow authentic love to come through their heart chakra's and connect with ours. Some of us have known since the moment of our birth, we were wanted, appreciated, and loved.

But what about those of us who felt unwanted?

Stop Glorifying Motherhood-It Only Creates An Illusion-And The Children Are The Victims

During my work as a Life Coach for Adult Children of Alcoholics, I have found common traits to be true. The act of having ones childhood pain ignored, denied or treated with indifference by ones parents, but especially by ones mother has a devastating impact on how one sees Self as an adult.