Dec 03, 2022

How to Find Inner Happiness; The Path of Surrender

by Lisa A. Romano

inner happiness letting go surrender

Does your life feel purposeful and peaceful?

The ancient teachers have always urged humans to look within for all they seek. They have left us instructions on how to live with purpose and contentment, yet so many humans live in despair. 

Why, then, if we know the path to happiness is to surrender and let go, why are so many of us wrought with anxiety, depression, codependency, and even narcissism? Why can't we be happy if all that we need to live in harmony with the Universe exists within us?

Attachments Lead to Conflicts

The mind runs from what it fears, even though our fears do not fade until we rise to face them. Questions like these are often avoided to distract from the fears they activate in the conscious mind.

  • Are you in a relationship that brings you joy?
  • Is your life bringing you fulfillment?
  • Do you feel grounded and alive with inner peace?
  • Are you often attached to outcomes and feeling apprehension and fear?
  • Do you seek approval to your detriment?
  • Do you attach to the idea that someone has to love you for you to feel lovable?

When you are suffering from the inside out, you don't always know it, nor do you know why. Suppose you were raised by emotionally neglectful parents, alcoholic or narcissistic parents. In that case, you might have been conditioned to suppress your emotions and to believe that only through suffering can anyone gain happiness.

Although this caused suffering, suppressing your emotions was the path your mind chose in search of the love and connection you deserved and craved. 

When your subconscious mind decides expressing emotions leads to abandonment, it will eventually, and by default, abandon the self. 

As a result; 

You might worry about what people think about you.
You might obsess over your children's poor choices and potential adverse outcomes.
You might depend on others for approval, acceptance, and a sense of worthiness.

You might tolerate abusive relationships and toxic dynamics in fear of living on your terms without abandoning the self. 

The hardest step in my inner healing and transformational journey was learning to accept my truth. The problem was that my truth was ugly, unpleasant, and painful. It was a reality that no one in my family believed was valid.

And right there, in that space between the reality of others and my own, was the wound I had run from all my life.

Dear One, if you want to take your life back, I can help.

If you are struggling to feel worthy, please know that the path to inner peace is to surrender to all you run from. The path is littered with conflicts. These conflicts are the cause of the chaos and suffering in your life. However, the cause of these conflicts is rooted deep within the psyche and the subconscious mind. 

Within you is the capacity to experience success, health, happiness, and harmony. You can achieve these states without worrying about what others think about you.  As a healing codependent woman, the path to a life worth living began with surrendering to all the negative emotions and subconscious dysfunctional belief systems I had believed in. 

My inner blueprint was defective. It was never me. It was only my programming. 

I can guarantee your suffering is rooted in fear-based beliefs and emotions that have caused you to attach and become dependent on circumstances, outcomes, relationships, or people you could never control. If you are like me, you run from the criticism of others and have secretly prayed someone out there would hear your suffering cry. 

Dear One, you must hear your cries and surrender to what is before you can transcend where you wish to go. 

The path to inner happiness is to surrender to all that your mind has been running from. 

Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach, meditation teacher, and bestselling author who is changing how victims of emotional abuse and neglect overcome subconscious limiting beliefs through her flagship course, The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. Her online codependency recovery program offers sound methodology that allows students to take immediate action they benefit from. Her framework supports self inquiry, through a practical, organized, distilled, proven process that results in mental clarity, emotional responsibility, peace of mind, and a set of life skills that fosters self-empowerment.  Her experiential wisdom, actionable tools, and proven systems and processes have assisted adult children of alcoholics and those wounded in childhood to find the courage to live life on their terms instead of remaining in toxic relationships and perpetual states of self-abandonment that mirror painful childhood experiences. 

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