If you're not breaking patterns, you're recreating them. 

Adult children of alcoholics and narcissistic parents have been conditioned to distrust themselves and others. We burn with a desire to be our true selves, but we're stuck in loops of subconscious codependent survival strategies seeking the approval of others, who are often empathy impaired. 

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Do you tend to fall in love with people you think you can fix, help, rescue, heal, and or be useful to, hoping that in doing so, they'll never leave you?

Is your happiness or mood dependent upon what others say, how they feel, or behave, including your significant other, children, employees, family, or friends?

Are you someone who has lost their sense of self, never asks for help, finds it difficult to trust, and feels more comfortable giving than receiving?

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STOP enmeshing and START showing up as the REAL YOU unafraid of ABANDONMENT in your relationships.

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Is Your Sense of Worth Tied to the Approval of Others? 


It’s Not You — It’s Your Programming:

Childhood emotional neglect leaves us with TRUST ISSUES. As adults, we NEVER ask for help and believe we must tackle life's hardships completely on our own. Feeling ignored has caused us to repress our needs, minimize our pain, and accept whatever crumbs fall into our lap. We have trouble finding our purpose in life, and our thinking can be disorganized. No one taught us how to process or regulate our emotions and as a result, we are then prone to food, chemical, and relationship addiction. In the throes of addiction, we can run from our invisible scars. We are haunted by shame, and blame ourselves for things we are not responsible for. Our sense of worth is tied to the approval of others, which leaves us sensitive to the slightest of criticisms. We never feel good enough, and self neglect. Our scars are invisible, even to us, which can leave us locked within subconscious loops of self sabotaging habitual thinking and behaviors, such as codependency.


Breaking Toxic Patterns:

Adult children of alcoholics and those of us who were raised by immature or narcissistic parents, struggle to admit that our childhoods left us with emotional scars. The unpredictable nature of our childhood homes, left us needing to abandon the self for the sake of focusing on others. We are adults who have lost our identities and live in servitude to others. We believe our worth is tied to how useful we can become, often to those with little empathy. Our conditioning forces us to deny our feelings and to worry more about others than ourselves. As children, these survival strategies helped us avoid more pain, yet as adults, these same coping mechanisms drive us to develop people-pleasing traits and codependent tendencies that have been accepted as truth by the subconscious mind. These traits are survival strategies we have yet to outgrow. Learning to live above the veil of consciousness, is your opportunity to heal the generational trauma responsible for codependency


You Can't Change What You Can't See: 

Up until the age of seven, children are in THETA hypnotic brainwave states. This means that what you observed consistently over time in your childhood, has become your default way of viewing yourself as well as the world. Your blueprints for relationships, careersself worth, financial wealth, and even your physical health were created in childhood, and by the way Dear One, that's not your fault. However, unless you AWAKEN and learn to REPROGRAM your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND your life will continue to unfold as a mirror of your painful past. The GREAT NEWS is, with my 12 Week Breakthrough Program, transformative guided meditations, and my 1-2-3 Emotional Detachment Technique, you can RADICALLY transform your subconscious mind and FINALLY liberate yourself from toxic generational patterns of the past!

Stop REACTING to what happens outside of you, and learn how to CREATE the life you DESIRE from the most AUTHENTIC and HONEST parts of you!

I can show you how to find the ROAD BACK TO YOU!

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Are you ready to level up?

We are smart men and women, who make poor choices again and again unaware that our subconscious mind is stuck in survival strategies we relied on as children. Personal growth and development is as much a conscious journey as it is a spiritual one. I can teach you how to access the wounded parts of you, and guide you towards allowing light and love to enter where you need to be healed the most. I want to teach you my TRANSFORMATIONAL tools so that you can LEVEL UP in every area of your life. When you develop confidence in your talents, your mind, and your decision-making process, you become a MAGNET for authentic love and fulfilling careers, and you also become a healthy role model for your children.

Are you codependent in relationships?

If you're codependent your relationships are enmeshed and your boundaries are distorted. You lose yourself worrying about what your partner thinks, needs, or wants and your sense of self is dependent upon external validation. You may find yourself easily falling for people you can fix, or you believe you can heal. The fear of abandonment fuels denial.

Do you believe a relationship can save you?

Codependency is a coping and survival strategy adult children from dysfunctional homes rely on to avoid pain. Childhood emotional neglect and often, narcissistic abuse by parents, leaves invisible scars. As a result, a codependent will ache to attach themselves to others, falsely believing a relationship can save them, all below the veil of consciousness.

Were you abused by a narcissist?

More than half of the women involved with narcissistic relationships have no history of childhood trauma or codependency traits. However, after loving, working, or having a relationship with a narcissist, coercive control tactics like gaslighting, and trivializing your emotions, will have you feeling frozen, confused, and dependent upon a narcissist's opinion, as well as treatment towards you. Breaking through the cognitive dissonance caused by narcissistic abuse tactics is key. 

Were your parents' alcoholics or narcissistic?

Those of us with a family history of alcoholism can become isolated. By default, we fear authority figures and become approval seekers. We are over-responsible, focus on the needs of others, and abandon our needs. We can become easily addicted to chaos, confuse love with pity, and fear abandonment. We are often dependent upon others perceiving us as 'good'. We are reactors rather than actors in our lives, without a solid, and positive sense of self we can rely on to help us make healthy life choices, set boundaries, and honor the self. 


Lisa A. Romano

Success Mindset and Personal Development Coach for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Recovering Approval Addicts, aka Codependents.

I design and create systems and processes that generate radical shifts in perspective for my clients so that they can lead their lives with confidence, clarity, and authority. 

My work is founded upon breakthrough research in neuroscience and blends the art of self philosophy to satisfy the mind, body, and soul of the goal-driven individual who is motivated by a desire for personal excellence, in spite of any past experiences. 

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There Is a Way Out – And It Starts Here, Today

If we worry more about others than ourselves, we will never learn to become the hero of our own story. When we struggle with loving our self and put others needs before our own, we are involved in a repeat of our pasts, in a cycle of self-abandonment. 

Lisa’s own codependency recovery is proof, that it is possible to heal a survival brain, as well as reprogram the subconscious mind for health, prosperity, vitality, contentment, and even love. With her proven healing programs, guidance, tools, knowledge, and community support, you can and you will discover the SECRETS to how to reclaim your right to live a life worth living. 

That’s what Lisa’s programs, team of moderators and community can give to you.

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3 Steps to Emotional Freedom and Happiness.


Take Lisa’s Free Online Quiz: Once you have answered the questions, your score will be calculated and you will be sent a PDF explaining the results and what steps you can take to start your healing journey.


Start the Healing Process Right Away: The 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency Program can give you the confidence to let go of approval seeking, and the fear of abandonment. SHATTER the negative beliefs narcissistic parents, negative childhood experiences, and familial addiction have left behind at the subconscious level. Upon completion, you have the opportunity to participate in the Master Your Emotions Master Class. 


Stay Close to the Recovery Path Always: The key to long term emotional recovery is consistency, and for that reason, I encourage you to join my Breakthrough Warrior Membership Program. Gain access to new mini programs each month, and a live Q&A with me in our private Facebook Community. Ask me ANYTHING! This program includes many of my paid programs!

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When we are codependent,
we are not independent.

As codependents we tend to attach and in the attaching to some external relationship, person, or experience, we detach from the self.

Codependency is a faulty way of viewing the self as well as the world. The lens that we view life through is tainted but we don't know it. All human beings are born asleep, but again, we don't know it. What has been impressed upon the subconscious mind while we were children and in hypnotic brainwave states has become the maps we use to navigate our adult lives. If our childhoods were chaotic, unsafe, and unpredictable, as adults we attract people, situations, and experiences that mirror what took place in our lives when we were children.

  • What we believe we see. If we have been taught to believe we are unworthy or that life is unsafe, we will live our lives waiting for the next shoe to drop.
  • When our lives have been unpredictable and we have been conditioned to suppress and deny our emotions, as adults we may seek to CONTROL others as well as things and situations that are outside our ability to control.
  • When we are codependent, we fail to set personal as well as external boundaries. We may live in a perpetual state of powerlessness, and seeking to fend off hidden shame.
  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological and emotional abuse aimed at gaining control and power over a victim. Many wounded adult children have suffered from gaslighting as well as other forms of abuse. Gaslighting causes victims to doubt their reality.
  • Children who have grown up in homes that were abrasive, dysfunctional, hostile, emotionally abusive, and alike, are more prone to depression, anxiety, reactivity, and codependency.

As adults, we owe it to ourselves to awaken from the dream state that codependency is, so we can finally live the authentic lives every human being has the potential to live.

Ready to create healthier relationships with yourself and others?

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Could you use help creating better boundaries?

The only person who can save your inner child is you. This 21 day journaling program ,is the perfect addition to your self-discovery toolbox! I have outlined the self-discovery process for you, in a series of lessons, journaling prompts and self-inquiring questions all designed to help you fall in love with your Divine Inner Child.If you're tired of feeling unheard, invisible, and disrespected Dear One, you absolutely need tools to help create healthy boundaries. Without boundaries, you can't develop the intimacy you need to feel safe enough in a relationship to reveal your vulnerable self. In this boundary-building workbook, you learn how to speak your truth without being reactive, and how to confidently exert your boundaries, without trying to control other people's reactions to your boundary. Download this workbook immediately and put an end to silent resentments! Bonus -- one hour mp3 included!

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Ready to master the ability to love yourself and others without obsession, preoccupation, and enmeshment?

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