Aug 06, 2022

Expanding Human Consciousness and Dissolving Ego

by Lisa A. Romano

ego ego death expanding consciousness

Humans are interesting creatures. On the inside we are often filled with an all-consuming fear or anxiety about one issue or another, finding ourselves perpetually concerned over who and what we cannot control. We experience external stimuli, judge them, speak about them, share how we feel about them, condemn those who do not agree with our perception, and rarely ever consider the consequences.

The sun always sets and rises, and gravity continues to suspend the blue ball we live on in space in perfect proximity to other planets and the sun. The need for gravity, balance, and magnetic harmony seems overshadowed by the bellows of man’s ego, while the true power innate in every human often goes untapped. 

Dissolving the Illusion of Ego

I am guilty of ignorance. For most of my life, I was unaware, I was unaware. I did not know that condemnation of anything was akin to fanning the flames of the creation of that which I found antagonistic either to my mind, body, or spirit. I did not know that hating a thing, was equivalent to feeding wolves a buffet of raw meat. I did not know that resistance gave birth to persistence and that the key to change had nothing to do with complaining, reaffirming, and resisting that which I wished to change. 

It has taken nearly six decades to comprehend what seems incomprehensible. My ego has balked for most of my life ignorant of the sacredness of absolute laws. 

Absolute Laws are In Control -- Not You

Water does not run upstream, and the earth does not change its rotation. Butterflies do not transform into caterpillars, and snakes never morph into peacocks. Rain flows towards the earth and does not direct its drops towards the heavens.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, absolute laws exist. 

We are interesting creatures. We believe ourselves to be the center of the universe, and rarely consider the harmony, balance, synchronicity, and beauty that exists for us, at our fingertips and all around us. While our survival brain screams for safety, the ego reinforces the need to remain hypervigilant and in a perpetual state of complaining. While this offers us the illusion of temporary safety, our true potential remains dormant as our ego remains in the dark, dancing with other shadows who are unaware of their potential as well. 

Your Brain is Wired to See the Negative -- Not You

We are not dumb creatures. We are simply unaware we are unaware. Our brains have done their job. Through external as well as internal stimuli, our brains have been groomed to focus on what is painful, and it has filtered out the rest, demeaning less resistant experiences as useless information.

 Dear One, your brain is wired for negative bias. You, however, the spiritual you, have come to ascend out of this shell of illusions, and when you refuse to expand your consciousness, this is what causes human suffering. 

Our filters become our eyes, ears, noses, hands, lips, tongue, legs, and our reality. Our brain has learned to believe what we have seen, especially as children. Our emotions have defined our reality, regardless of their minute, subjective understandings of the complexities of the world and the personalities we have been born to. Our brain simply perceives and believes. Raw emotions have become the rivers we sail throughout a lifetime, and sadly many of us remain asleep at the helm of our sacred boats, often until death. 

Social Media is an Illusion -- Be Careful Out There

Within us is the potential to perform miracles, and yet, fear grips our hearts and makes accessing divine abilities impossible. Materialism, egoism, superficiality, and narcissistic-driven social media platforms arrest our sacred gifts and lure us into the shiny worlds of emptiness. 

We have forgotten our way. Corporations, as well as individuals, are more ego-driven than ever. Profits over people. Gain over the community. Self over a partnership. Lust over family. With the removal of struggle, our hedonistic cravings have only intensified and unless one of us decides to return back to the hub of creation, which is love, none of us have a chance. 

What is Your God?

It is up to every individual to decide. What is your God? Is it prestige, likes on social media, peace in the world, a thriving economy, being liked by others, respected, adored, understood, puffy lips, validation, affirmation, sex, shiny things, bigger things, more toys, smooth skin, badges, subscribers, followers, packed stadiums, pats on the back, more money, a corner office, a relationship, children, less cellulite???

What is your God? 

  • What shiny belief blinds you to the power within you?
  • What false self diminishing narrative is your God, the one that lures you towards the darkness as opposed to your innate light? 
  • Who must affirm you enough to believe you are? 
  • Who must hear you, see you or validate you enough to believe that the power that created the Universe is the same power that created you? 

It takes great courage to rebuke the narrative that immense narcissistic powers have instilled into the hearts and minds of man since the beginning of time. It takes strength to rip oneself apart from the only fabric it has ever known. It takes fortitude to continue to walk across barren land with only a glimmer of hope and to believe one's thirst will be quenched by the appearance of an oasis across the sunbaked horizon. 

Make no mistake Dear One. We are all in a fight for our lives. We must do our best to understand the enemy is no longer outside of us. The darkest forces find their ways to burrow themselves within the recesses of the human mind which by default antagonizes the ego. 

Fear is the Greatest Weapon Ever Yielded Against Another

Dear One, align your thoughts with the reality you desire and refrain from resisting what you cannot control instead, police your mind like you would scurry rats out of a basement. Your destiny as well as the destiny of us all is at stake. Allow no one and no -- thing to lure you off the path of love. 

You Are Enough

Come up and out of the world of illusion! 

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